How to Use the Function of Make Font Description?

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Execute Make Font Function

To Execute Make Font function, please refer to the following step.

Step 1

Select Make Font Bar from View Manu, see Fig, and Make Font Bar will pop up like Fig.

Make Font Bar from View Manu

Step 2

Click and enter make font mode, like Fig. The make font property page will also be displayed at property page, like Fig.

make font bar
make font table

Parameter Description

The following stayements are the description of Make Font parameters.

Make Font Property Page

Font: Select the font users want to use or create a new font.
Select Character: Select the character users want to edit.
Lowercase Ceiling: Set the upper boundary when select a lowercase character.
Character Width: Set the maximum character width (right boundary). If the right side of the character exceeds this value, then this character will overlap with other ones.
Enable Filled: Decide to fill the character or not when marking.
Bounding Box Left: Set the distance between the character and the left boundary.
Bottom: Set the distance between the character and the bottom boundary.
Height: Set the font size.

Make Font Tool Bar

Make Font Tool Bar

Enter or Exit Make Font mode.
Use the default edge to set the new font.
Adjust the right and up edge of the font.

Operating Method

Select the font and character first when entering make font mode, see Fig. After this, users can use drawing objects or adjust the parameters under property page to edit the character, see Fig.

select a character
select a character 2

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