IC Chip Braid Laser Marking Machine Application

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ic chip braid marking

IC chip braid is to gather a variety of electronic components to a tape, and then the tape is wound on a disc. It is generally applicable to SMD components such as connectors, LEDs, chips, etc. More than 90% of the chips will choose this packaging, saving a lot of time, which is suitable for customers with a large demand for IC chips. In the process of using IC braiding, a coding process must be needed, that is, product model information is marked on the surface of these chips, which is helpful for later product use and traceability. Here is a device for IC braiding and marking – vision laser marking machine.

The vision laser marking machine is a highly automated machine. It is an automatic vision positioning laser marking equipment produced by integrating the principle of laser marking and the vision positioning system. It can cooperate with the production line to realize the high-speed coding of ic chip braid, and then complete the integrated operations of marking, patching, and packaging.


1. With CCD automatic identification system, it can identify the chip position for marking and engraving.

2. Configure the assembly line operation platform to automatically transfer materials.

3. The marking speed is fast and efficient, highly automated, without manual operation.

4. Accurate positioning, high-pixel recognition system to ensure the consistency of marking positions.

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