If laser marking machine has signal interference?

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To analyze the interference, we must first clarify the three elements of the interference:

the interference source, the transmission channel of the interference signal, and the interfered device.

The interference of fiber laser marking machine can be divided into galvanometer interference and light signal interference.

Galvanometer interference is the distortion of the characters printed by a laser marking machine. When we draw two rectangles on the marking software, filled with 0 degrees and 90 degrees respectively, we will find that the lines appear wavy and zigzag shapes, which is the galvanometer interference of the laser marking machine.

Generally, the interference occurs on the horizontal line, which is the X-axis of the galvanometer. Of course, it also appears in the Y-axis or both axes have interference.

The interference of the light output signal means that the light output and light off of the laser are not controlled. The main factors of signal interference are laser power supply and acousto-optic driver. The source of the interference effect of the external power grid fluctuation on the galvanometer is investigated. When the laser power driver is not turned on, check whether the lines scanned by the pointing light are wavy lines. The straight line is set in the software, but the laser marking machine prints a wavy line, which is the obvious feature of signal interference.

How to solve the problem of signal interference of laser marking machine?

We can start with the following aspects:

1. Use shielded wires to reduce the interference from the outside world or the interference of the power cord to the outside world.

2. Install a power filter to reduce the interference of the AC power supply to the equipment.

3. Try to increase the distance between the control line of the laser marking machine, the power line (L, N), and the motor drive line to avoid crossing. For example, when we are dealing with two drive installation positions in a unified chassis in a dual-axis drive system, one drive nameplate is facing forward, the other is facing back, and these leads are as short as possible in the structural arrangement.

4. The ground wire of the power filter, the driver PE (ground) (the driver is insulated from the chassis bottom plate), the lead wire after short-circuiting the control pulse PULSE- and the direction pulse DIR-, the motor ground wire, and the cable protection between the driver and the motor, the casing and the shielding wire of the driver are all connected to the grounding column on the chassis wall, and good contact is required.

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