Introduction of Process Features of Precision Laser Welding Machine

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The cutting process of laser welding machine and fiber laser cutting machine are two completely different working principles.

Laser cutting uses high temperature to immediately melt metal and blow away molten iron slag to form a cutting seam. Laser welding is a welding process that uses laser action to produce instantaneous melting on the metal surface to connect the metal.

1. Laser welding is used for sealing welding of the shell of microelectronic equipment. There is no need to worry about damage to the instrument due to heating. After laser welding, the precision laser welding machine manufacturer can weld the workpiece without air holes according to the process requirements, so as to realize the fully sealed welding of the micro equipment shell.

2. Laser precision welding is used to weld the original microcircuit. Laser precision welding is suitable for the welding of microcircuit components, mainly including the connection of lead wires and printed circuit boards, the contact connection of lead wires and silicon plates, the soldering of thin wires and thin films, and the connection of integrated circuits and coplanar leads and printed circuit boards.

Laser welding for precision parts welding uses a laser beam focused by a high-power coherent monochromatic photon stream as a heat source for welding. This welding method usually includes continuous power laser welding and pulsed power laser welding. The advantage of laser welding is that it does not need to be carried out in a vacuum, but the disadvantage is that the penetrating power is not as strong as electron beam welding.

Laser welding of precision parts can carry out accurate energy control, so the welding of precision micro equipment can be realized. It can be applied to a variety of metals, especially to solve the welding of some difficult-to-weld metals and dissimilar metals.

Laser beam is an important parameter that determines the quality of laser welding

For example, the laser welding method of a diamond saw blade belongs to the welding of dissimilar metals between different materials and different organizations. The quality of the welding determines the level of its bonding strength.

The welding process is the key to determining the strength of the weld. The preparation before welding, welding power, welding speed, focus position, offset and shielding gas flow all have an important influence on the welding quality. The cutter head and the base body should be de-oiled, cleaned and de-water to reduce the generation of pores.

In addition, the arc grinding of the cutter head is also a very important part, and ensuring that the cutter head and the substrate are in good agreement is a prerequisite for ensuring good welding quality. Because the laser focus is extremely small (usually below 0.4 mm), high-quality welding results can be obtained.

The quality of the laser beam is an important index parameter in the output characteristics of the laser, which can affect the welding depth and the shape of the weld seam. The higher the beam mode, the larger the divergence angle and the worse the beam quality. As far as welding is concerned, base mode or low-level mode should be used. If the mode is too high, it is difficult to meet the requirements of welding quality. The beam quality mainly affects the weld penetration and shape.

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