Application of Laser Cutting Machine for PP PE PVC Woven Belt Sack Bag

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Application of Laser Cutting Machine for PP PE PVC Woven Belt Sack Bag

Previously, the cutting of the general environmental protection plastic woven belt or bag was mostly using manual cutting equipment. The incisions of the products cut by this processing method are uneven, which affects the appearance and brings unnecessary trouble to the subsequent production processes.

Moreover, this manual cutting device is difficult to achieve continuous cutting, and the work efficiency is low. In the actual cutting process, the plastic woven bag is easy to shift, and it is difficult to master the cutting accuracy.

These problems can be solved by the woven belt laser cutting machine.

Laser cutting machine for PP PE PVC woven belt sack bag adopts a highly intelligent control system, fully automatic control, high-precision positioning, one-time forming, smooth edges. Compared with the traditional craftsmanship, the product is more beautiful, more efficient and more material-saving.

plastic fabric laser cutting machine for PP PE PVC Woven Belt Sack Bag

Laser cutting equipment is easy to operate: simple and clear adjustment technology, the cutting software and AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop are compatible, the operation of the editing path is easy to handle.

This non-metal laser cutting machine is also suitable for the clothing industry, such as garment fabric cutting, clothing punching, leather cutting, wedding material cutting, and various textile fabric hot cutting, hollowing, carving, etc. It can be suitable for fabrics and composite fabrics of various materials such as: felt fabric, microfiber fabric, denim, cotton and linen, silk fabrics, PU leather, etc.

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