Laser Engraving Application on Car Buttons

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With the development of the automobile industry, the requirements for the interior decoration and operation interface of the automobile are getting higher and higher, and the traditional printing or engraving methods cannot meet the needs of personalization, refinement and durability. Therefore, laser marking technology is gradually being used in the automotive industry as an advanced and reliable solution.

In the production of automobiles, there are laser processes everywhere, such as laser engraving of automobile buttons, textures and patterns on interior and exterior parts, laser punching of bumper skins, and laser cutting of ABCD pillar trims, etc.

The laser engraving and marking process highlights the texture and aesthetics of automotive interiors and exteriors in details, improves quality, and promotes the reform of automotive technology.

Laser Engraving Application on Car Buttons

Laser Engraving Car Buttons Advantages

High Precision

Laser marking technology can achieve micron-level precise marking, ensuring the clear visibility of text, patterns and other details on the buttons.


Laser marking is less likely to wear, fade or be attacked by chemicals, and are more durable and long-lasting than traditional methods.

Non-Contact Processing

Laser marking is a non-contact processing method, which can avoid damage or deformation to the key surface.

Flexible and Versatile

The laser marking machine can realize personalized customization and easily adapt to different styles and materials of car buttons.

Special patterns and textures are marked on the interior and exterior, such as atmosphere lights, gear cover patterns, exterior light bar grill patterns, front and rear bumper patterns, etc., to increase the added value of the product.

Car Buttons Laser Engraving Machines

Recommended model: visual positioning laser marking machine


1. CCD identification system is added to automatically position the marking.

2. The laser marking positioning system is solved by adopting an external camera to capture feature points in real time.

3. Random loading, precise positioning and accurate marking greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, to realize mass marking of automotive buttons.


When laser engraving car buttons, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:

Material Selection

Different car button materials react differently to laser and have different marking effects. Make sure you choose a material that is suitable for laser marking, such as plastic, metal or ceramic, and understand its properties and durability.

Safety Measures

Safety issues need to be paid attention to when using the laser engraving machine. Make sure the operator wears proper personal protective equipment, such as glasses and gloves, to avoid injury from laser radiation. At the same time, place the laser engraving machine in a safe location to avoid access by unauthorized personnel.

Parameter Adjustment

According to different materials and marking requirements, parameter adjustment is required. This includes parameter settings such as laser power, speed, and scan spacing. Through experimentation and testing, find the best combination of parameters for clear, long-lasting markings.

Marking Quality Control

During the laser engraving process, quality control and inspections are required. Check marking for clarity, contrast and consistency to ensure quality requirements are met. When necessary, re-mark or rework to achieve the desired effect.

Marking Depth and Speed

Different marking depths and speeds may affect marking effectiveness and productivity. The right balance needs to be found to meet marking requirements and increase productivity.

Design Difficulty

Certain complex patterns or detail requirements may challenge the feasibility and accuracy of laser marking. The realizability of the design needs to be considered, and appropriate design modification or technical optimization should be carried out.

Marking Position Accuracy

Accurately locate the marking position on the car key to avoid offset or misalignment. Use an appropriate positioning tool or machine vision system to ensure accurate and consistent marking placement.

These issues may need to be tested, adjusted and optimized in practice to obtain the best laser marking effect and quality.

How to Set the Parameters of Laser Engraving Car Buttons?

The specific parameter setting of laser engraving machine marking on car buttons depends on many factors, such as laser type, material type, design requirements, etc. Generally recommended parameter settings are as follows:


Choose the appropriate power according to the hardness of the material and the desired marking effect, generally between 10-30 watts.


Adjust the speed according to the depth of marking and efficiency requirements, generally between 3000-8000 mm/s.

Scanning Spacing

Set the scanning spacing according to the fineness requirements of the mark, generally between 0.05-0.2 mm.


Select the appropriate frequency according to the characteristics of the laser source and the response of the material, generally between 20-80 kHz.

It should be noted that the specific parameter settings also need to be debugged and optimized according to the actual situation to obtain the best marking effect.


Does laser marking have any requirements for automotive button materials?

Yes, different lasers are suitable for different types of materials. Common applicable materials include plastics, metals, and ceramics. When choosing a laser marking machine and parameters, it is necessary to ensure that the selected material is suitable for laser marking and can achieve the desired marking effect.

Will laser marking damage car buttons?

Laser marking is a non-contact processing method, which usually does not damage the car buttons. During the laser marking process, by adjusting the laser power and parameters, the interaction between the laser and the material can be controlled to avoid damage or deformation.

Does laser marking affect the operation experience of buttons?

In general, laser marking will not have a significant impact on the operation experience of the buttons. Laser marking usually only marks the surface of the key and does not change the tactile feel or operating performance of the key.

Is laser marking suitable for automotive buttons of all shapes and sizes?

Yes, laser marking can be applied to automotive buttons of all shapes and sizes. The laser marking machine is flexible and can be customized according to the design requirements.

Is the time of laser marking process long?

The marking time depends on mark complexity, size and chosen laser marking technology. For mass production, marking efficiency can be improved by optimizing parameters and increasing the number of equipment.

If you have more specific questions, it is recommended to consult the laser engraving machine supplier or professional technicians for detailed answers.

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