Laser Engraving Application on Car Buttons

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car buttons laser marking

In the production of automobiles, there are laser processes everywhere, such as laser engraving of automobile buttons, textures and patterns on interior and exterior parts, laser punching of bumper skins, and laser cutting of ABCD pillar trims, etc.

The laser engraving and marking process highlights the texture and aesthetics of automotive interiors and exteriors in details, improves quality, and promotes the reform of automotive technology.

Laser marking machine is used to mark the car button icon, the effect is beautiful and fine. Compared with the ink printing and dyeing process, laser marking has the characteristics of durability, safety, beauty, etc., which can be retained for a long time to avoid the embarrassment of later dye shedding and improve the quality of details.

Special patterns and textures are marked on the interior and exterior, such as atmosphere lights, gear cover patterns, exterior light bar grill patterns, front and rear bumper patterns, etc., to increase the added value of the product.

Recommended model: visual positioning laser marking machine


1. CCD identification system is added to automatically position the marking.

2. The laser marking positioning system is solved by adopting an external camera to capture feature points in real time.

3. Random loading, precise positioning and accurate marking greatly improve production efficiency and product quality, to realize mass marking of automotive buttons.

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