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Application of Laser Engraving Brass

Copper is indispensable in all industries. Laser engraving copper also has its unique advantages for applications. Linxuan provides custom solutions for laser engraving brass/copper. We manufacture industrial brass laser engraving machines with long-term after-sales service.

Copper is indispensable in all industries due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, ease of processing, and durability.

However, laser engraving copper is a huge challenge for users.

As copper metal is a highly reflective material, the light reflectivity is very high, especially mirror copper (the ancient Chinese used copper as a mirror to comb their hair and makeup). When the laser marks copper, the reflectivity is also very high. The laser energy actually used for marking is not much, so the reflected light appears to be very strong during the marking process, while the depth of engraving is very shallow, which also increases the difficulty of laser engraving copper materials.

In order to achieve high-contrast marks, copper parts with high reflectivity must absorb enough radiation. The desired effect can be achieved using a laser with high pulse peak power and variable pulse width.

Nevertheless, if the user wants to mark copper parts with serial numbers, QR codes, and other markings, the advantages of laser marking do not have to be foregone.

Laser Engraving Brass Advantages

Flexible Style

Laser engraving brass is very flexible. It is controlled by computer software, and the pattern and text can be customized. The laser engraving machine can mark the parameter model, LOGO, text, etc. on the brass products, and can also perform general deep engraving.


The logo of laser engraving brass is clear without scratch marks, it is not easy to be blurred and eliminated, it can be maintained for a long time, and the quality is relatively high.

Get Finished Parts Faster

Brass engraving machines save time by completing part preparation tasks such as cleaning and polishing.

Combined With the Assembly Lines

Laser engraving equipment can be combined with the assembly line to realize automatic production and processing, which improves the marking speed to a certain extent, and cooperates with the follow-up process more easily and effectively, so as to reduce the cost and improve the quality. Laser engraving machines are becoming more and more widely used in the processing market of brass/copper materials.

Laser Engraving Brass Application

Laser engraver for metal are used in a wide range of marking applications on copper materials. It can control the depth of the engraving by adjusting the laser parameters, and realize the permanent marking of text, pattern, serial number, date and other information, suitable for various industrial and artistic fields.

Personalized Customization

Laser engraving machines can engrave personal or company logos, names, images, etc. on copper items, such as nameplates, trophies, badges, etc. This personalization not only increases the uniqueness of the product, but also improves brand recognition and image.

Artwork and Ornament Making

Laser engraving machine can be used for copper art and ornament making. It can engrave intricate patterns, textures, and designs onto copper plates to create unique pieces of art, sculpture, jewelry, and more.

Circuit Board Marking

In the electronics industry, laser engraving machines are widely used for marking copper circuit boards. It can engrave identification, component value, tracking code and other information on the circuit board to improve production efficiency and product traceability.

Packaging industry

Laser engraving machines can be used to mark copper packaging boxes, bottles and cans and other containers. This can help wine, cosmetics, luxury goods and other industries to prevent counterfeiting, and increase the added value and brand image of products.

How to Set the Parameters for Laser Engraving Brass?

There are many styles of laser engraving equipment, but only a few equipment (semiconductor laser engraving machine, fiber laser engraving machine, ultraviolet laser engraving machine) can mark metal copper/brass.

The price of UV laser engraving machine is relatively high, which is suitable for high-end product plastic marking, and it is relatively uneconomical to use for brass. Here is just a suggestion on how to set the parameters of the fiber laser engraving machine and semiconductor laser engraving machine for copper material.

When marking with a fiber laser engraving machine, pay attention when setting parameters:

  1. Slow down the marking speed and use high frequency.
  2. The power of marking should be moderate, not too large. Excessive power will lead to poor light pattern and lead higher reflectivity.
  3. Use a small format field lens for processing.
  4. Try to make the laser spot mode the best, and use a fiber laser engraving machine with adjustable pulse width for better marking effect, moderate pulse width, the spot is softer and better.

When using a semiconductor laser engraving machine to mark metal copper, there is not much change in the adjustment of laser parameters. It is just that the temperature of the chiller is adjusted before marking to make the laser output more stable. Other parameters can be borrowed from the fiber laser engraving machine, set in slow speed, high frequency, power 50%-60%, moderate pulse width, etc., and you will get a satisfactory laser marking effect.

Laser Engraving Brass Project Ideas

Brass Souvenir

Brass Commemorative Coin

Brass Medal

Brass Laser Engraving Machine

Brass Engraving Machine
Industrial Brass Laser Engraving Machine


Can a laser engraver engrave on all types of copper materials?

Most laser engraving machines can engrave on various types of copper materials, including pure copper, brass, bronze, and more. However, some special alloys or treated copper materials may require adjustment of laser parameters or use of special laser equipment.

How do engraving depth and speed affect laser engraving copper?

Engraving depth and speed are important factors affecting laser engraving copper effect. Larger engraving depths generally require higher power and longer times, while slower speeds can produce sharper, more detailed patterns. Depending on the desired engraving result, these parameters can be adjusted to achieve the best effect.

Will the copper material be affected by the heat of laser engraving?

Laser engraving will have some thermal impact, but for most copper materials, this effect is relatively small. Due to copper’s good thermal conductivity, it dissipates heat quickly, reducing thermal damage from laser engraving. However, in some cases, appropriate cooling may be required if deep engraving is required or when engraving very thin copper materials.

Does the surface of copper material need post-processing after laser engraving?

Usually, the surface of copper material after laser engraving will show obvious engraving marks. This can be the desired effect, but can be post-processed if a smoother, shiny surface is desired. Post-treatment methods include polishing, pickling, or using an appropriate cleaner to remove residue.

Can a laser engraver achieve a colored engraving effect on copper?

Due to the properties of the copper material, laser engraving usually has a monochrome effect (one tone). To achieve colored effects, other techniques such as chemical coloring or coating are used. These methods can be applied to the copper material after laser engraving to achieve the desired colored look.

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