Laser Engraving/Marking Gold and Silver

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Application of Laser Engraving Gold and Silver

As precious metals, gold and silver are also used in many fields, such as jewelry, decoration, utensils, and so on. Laser engraving machines are especially suitable for marking and engraving such fine and delicate items. Linxuan provides custom solutions for laser engraving/marking gold and silver. We manufacture industrial gold and silver laser engraving and marking machines with long-term after-sales service.

Gold and silver are two commonly used coating reflective materials with excellent corrosion resistance and optical properties. Gold reflects from a wavelength of 500nm, and silver reflects a wider range of wavelengths, starting at 300nm.

Most of the laser marking machines used in industry are infrared laser marking machines with laser wavelengths are 1064nm (YAG solid-state laser equipment) and 1060nm (CO2 gas laser equipment), and a few are green light 532nm and ultraviolet light 355nm wavelength laser marking machine. The reflectivity of gold and silver to infrared light is close to 100%. The higher the reflectivity, the worse the laser marking effect (the worse the light-to-heat conversion efficiency).

If you want to mark on gold and silver, you can use a deep UV laser marking machine to achieve the expected good results.

Laser Engraving Gold and Silver Advantages

High Precision

Laser engraving machines can achieve very high precision and resolution. It can make tiny and clear marks on gold and silver materials, carving out fine patterns, text, and details.

High Speed

Laser marking machines are easy to operate and work quickly. It can quickly mark a large number of gold and silver products and improve production efficiency.


Laser marking gold is a non-contact processing technology, which avoids damage to gold and silver materials due to physical contact. This is especially important for high-end products such as jewelry and precious metal jewelry to maintain their original texture and appearance.


Laser engraving machines for metal can achieve a variety of different marking effects. By adjusting laser parameters and processing modes, various marking methods such as shallow engraving, deep engraving, negative engraving, and positive engraving can be realized to meet different design needs.


The results of laser marking gold are usually durable. Because lasers achieve marking by evaporating or depositing material on the surface, the marking effect is not prone to wear, fading, or being affected by the environment of daily use.

Attention for Laser Marking Gold and Silver

Material Selection

Make sure to use gold and silver materials with high purity and reliable quality. Materials of low quality or containing large amounts of impurities may adversely affect marking quality.

Laser Parameter Adjustment

Select appropriate parameters such as laser power, pulse frequency, and focusing method. The selection of these parameters should be optimized based on the characteristics of the gold and silver materials and the desired marking effect.

Surface Preparation

Make sure the gold or silver surface is clean, flat, and free of coatings or dirt. Any impurities or stains present on the surface may result in unclear or inaccurate markings.

Focus Control

Maintain appropriate focus length to ensure that the laser can accurately focus on the gold and silver surface. Focus that is too shallow or too deep may result in less than ideal markings.

Sample Fixation

Ensure that gold and silver samples are stably fixed during the laser marking process to avoid movement or shaking that may cause the mark position to shift or blur.

Safety Measures

Laser marking is a high-energy process and requires compliance with appropriate safety operating procedures. Make sure to use appropriate personal protective equipment and keep laser equipment in a safe area.

Testing and Debugging

Before proceeding with series production or important projects, a testing and commissioning phase is recommended. By conducting marking tests on samples, the marking quality and consistency are verified, and necessary parameter adjustments are made.

Working with a professional laser marking machine supplier and following relevant operating guidelines and recommendations can help you achieve better laser marking results and ensure the safe and reliable processing of gold and silver materials.

Gold and Silver Laser Engraving/Marking Machine

Integrated 20W UV Laser Marking Machine for Glass Plastic Metal
Industrial Gold and Silver Laser Engraving Machine


Will laser marking change the appearance of gold and silver materials?

Laser marking often creates tiny indentations or oxide layers on the surface of gold and silver, which may slightly alter its appearance. However, proper laser parameters and technical operation can minimize appearance changes and ensure that the mark is clearly visible.

What type of information can be marked on gold and silver products?

Laser marking can be used to mark various information on gold and silver products, such as text, numbers, patterns, trademarks, and barcodes. You can choose a custom design or a standard logo to meet your specific needs.

Will laser marking damage gold and silver materials?

Laser marking is generally non-destructive to gold and silver materials because it only affects the gold and silver surface and does not penetrate deep into the object. Proper selection of laser parameters and appropriate operating methods ensure that any potential damage is avoided.

How long does the laser marking gold process take?

Laser marking time depends on the size and complexity of the mark and the performance of the laser equipment. Typically, small markings can be completed in a few seconds, while larger, more complex markings may take longer.

Does gold and silver surface need to be pre-treated?

Generally, no pre-processing is required. However, if there are stains or oxide layers on the surface, simple polishing can be performed first to ensure good absorption of the laser beam.

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