Laser Engraving Gold and Silver

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Application of Laser Engraving Gold and Silver

As precious metals, gold and silver are also used in many fields, such as jewelry, decoration, utensils, and so on. Laser engraving machines are especially suitable for marking and engraving such fine and delicate items. Linxuan provides custom solutions for laser engraving gold and silver. We manufacture industrial gold and silver laser engraving machines with long-term after-sales service.

Gold and silver are two commonly used coating reflective materials with excellent corrosion resistance and optical properties. Gold reflects from a wavelength of 500nm, and silver reflects a wider range of wavelengths, starting at a wavelength of 300nm.

Most of the laser marking machines used in industry are infrared laser marking machines with laser wavelengths are 1064nm (YAG solid-state laser equipment) and 1060nm (CO2 gas laser equipment), and a few are green light 532nm and ultraviolet light 355nm wavelength laser marking machine. The reflectivity of gold and silver to infrared light is close to 100%. The higher the reflectivity, the worse the laser marking effect (the worse the light-to-heat conversion efficiency).

If you want to mark on gold and silver, you can use a deep UV laser marking machine to achieve the expected good results.

Laser Engraving Gold and Silver Advantages

UV laser engraving machine has fine markings with micron-level deviation, and even adjust the lines to less than 10 microns, engraving more characters in a limited space, and the speed is very fast.

The UV laser engraver has a wavelength of 355nm, and the technology adopted is cold laser, which can perform cold processing on the products to be marked.

UV laser engraving machine is less affected by heat, which will significantly enhance and improve the quality of the process.

The UV laser marker can also realize automatic work and carry out customized development according to the needs of customers.

Gold and Silver Laser Engraving Machine

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Industrial Gold and Silver Laser Engraving Machine

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