Laser Engraving Machine Application on Wallpaper for Wall Decoration

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Laser Engraving Machine Application on Wallpaper for Wall Decoration

As a common product in home decoration nowadays, wallpaper/wall cloth are deeply loved by people. Through long-term development, the style of wallpaper has been updated, introducing new craftsmanship, and constantly improving patterns, presenting a low-key, natural, comfortable and environmentally friendly high-quality wallpaper. There are many types of wallpaper, the common ones are: coated wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, etc. It has the characteristics of high strength, strong toughness and good aesthetics.

There is a large-format laser marking machine for wallpaper printing and engraving. The laser marking machine is also known as fabric laser printing machine. This equipment has realized the technological reform pursued by many wallpaper manufacturers in recent years, and the improvement of aesthetics has been achieved. The wallpaper laser engraving machine adopts the principle of laser marking, using a high-energy laser beam to focus on the surface of the wallpaper to produce a high temperature that vaporizes and achieves a printing effect. The product printing effect is beautiful, and the quality is highlighted in the details. It is an indispensable equipment for wallpaper engraving or printing.


1. The model is equipped with a variety of sizes and specifications to choose from, which can meet the needs of large-size wallpaper engraving.

2. The engraving speed is very fast, which can quickly and efficiently complete the engraving of complex graphics and patterns.

3. A wide range of applicable materials, including various non-metallic materials such as paper, rubber, bamboo and wood products, artistic wallpaper and various fabrics – super soft fabrics, flocking fabrics, denim fabrics, corduroy, velvet and other fabrics .

4. The laser engraving effect is fine and beautiful, the hand feel is delicate, and the unfocused edge is smooth and flat.

5. One laser engraving machine with multiple functions, integrating marking, engraving, hollowing and cutting into one, simple operation and high efficiency.

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