Laser Engraving Machine Application on Watch Surface

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laser marking on watch

The development of timepieces has a history of hundreds of years. Because of its simple, accurate and convenient timing functions, it is used by more and more people. With the development of technological civilization, timekeeping tools are emerging one after another, such as mobile phones, computers, etc. Nowadays most watches are used as ornaments. The material of the watch has also developed from the original single plastic or metal to various alloy materials, such as: titanium-containing stainless steel, semi-steel, stainless steel 904L tungsten steel, ceramics, plastics, titanium alloys, etc.

Watches have gradually developed to refined and high-end, and watch manufacturers are increasingly pursuing details and quality. A high-end watch, zoomed in, you will find that there are circles of numbers and various symbols, brand LOGO, etc., on the metal surface on the reverse side, which represent the type, model, material, etc. of the watch movement. Some even marked the limited edition number. These are helpful for the traceability of watches and regulate the market order.

So, how are these marks engraved on it?

The back of the watch is basically made of metal and plastic. In order to highlight the sense of luxury, most of the watches are made of metal. For the parts on the back of the watch that are often in contact with the skin, watch manufacturers choose to use laser marking machine for marking and engraving.

Laser Marking on the Back of Wrist Watch Dial Plate

Laser marking machine is a device that uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of an object to achieve marking and engraving effects. The laser marking machine can use precise energy control to achieve fine engraving of the watch surface, whether it is patterns, digital characters, QR code, logo, etc., which can be easily completed.

Recommended model: assembly line laser marking machine


1. UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and can be suitable for metal alloys, plastics, rubbers, ceramics and other metal and non-metal watch surfaces to mark.

2. The light source is stable, the light spot is delicate, the effect is beautiful, and the surface is touchless.

3. The uv laser marking machine can cooperate with production line, with automatic identification positioning function, without manual alignment, highly intelligent.

4. High efficiency, fast speed, save labor and reduce production costs.

5. It can realize diversified marking methods such as plane and curved surface of watches

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