Laser Engraving Stone

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laser engraving stone

Laser engraving technology is widely used in the stone and granite industry. Linxuan provides custom solution for stone laser engraving. We manufacture industrial stone laser engraving machine with long-term after-sales service.

Traditional engraving methods (such as mechanical cutting, chemical etching, etc.) have some shortcomings, while laser engraving is an ideal choice for stone engraving.

Stone laser engraving machine is widely used in marble, granite, artificial marble plate, and other stone materials to engrave characters, images, or patterns because of its high engraving precision, fast speed, non-yellowing and non-fading characteristics, increasing the value of ornamental or collection, which is more convenient for inheritance.

Laser Engraving Stone Advantages

High Precision

Laser engraving machines can achieve micron-level fine engraving lettering and patterns, ensuring that markings are clearly visible.


The laser engraving speed is fast, the processing process is automated, and it is suitable for mass production.


Laser engraving forms permanent changes on the surface of the stone, with properties such as wear resistance, water resistance, and acid and alkali resistance.


Laser engraving can realize various complex patterns, characters, and logos to meet individual needs.

Industries of Application

Stone Processing Industry

Used to make tombstones, souvenirs, architectural decorations, etc.

Jewelry Industry

For engraving diamonds, gemstones, jewelry, etc.

Artwork Industry

Used to carve sculptures, stone carvings artwork, etc.

Construction Industry

Used for marking stone floors, house numbers, etc.

Stone Laser Engraving Machine

small portable stone laser engraver

Small Portable Stone Laser Engraving Machine

hand held stone laser engraver

Hand Held Stone Laser Engraving Machine

When performing stone engraving, it is necessary to select appropriate power and parameters to avoid burning the stone surface or unclear engraving.


Determine the appropriate laser power according to the hardness and color of the stone. Typically, harder stones require higher power.


Adjust the scanning speed of the laser engraver according to the complexity of the pattern to be marked and the required depth. Slower speeds generally result in deeper marks.

Focus distance

According to the height of the stone, set the appropriate focusing distance to ensure that the laser can completely penetrate the surface of the stone and form a clear mark.

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