Laser Marking Application for Peeling Paint of Smart Mirror

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mirror laser marking

As one of the daily necessities of life, the mirror has gone through a long period of development – from ancient bronze mirrors to modern glass mirrors, smart mirrors.

Due to the pursuit of clarity, glass mirrors have replaced bronze mirrors, and due to the improvement of aesthetics and practicality, smart mirrors have gradually entered the dressing table that loves beauty, and are loved by more and more women.

The smart mirror adds intelligent functions to the original glass mirror, such as music playing, time and date display, electric heating defogging function and so on. Smart mirrors can be used not only as mirrors, but also as decorations – involving the use of laser peeling paint process.

The laser marking machine uses the principle of high temperature vaporization generated by laser irradiation on the surface of the object to realize the peeling off of the paint on the mirror surface, thereby engraving various patterns and logos. Just import the graphic pattern into the computer, and the marking software will automatically control the laser marking machine to mark the exquisite pattern.

Recommended model: UV laser marking machine


1. The effective marking area is 100*100, and a larger marking size configuration is optional.

2. Equipped with ultraviolet laser, with delicate spot and beautiful effect.

3. A wide range of applications – both metal and non-metal materials, especially suitable for high-precision marking of electronic products.

4. Refined marking, high definition, greatly improving the added value of smart mirror products.

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