Application of Laser Marking Machine for Capacitor Sleeve

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Capacitor Sleeve laser marking

As a common electronic component, capacitors can be used in most electronic products. capacitor sleeves will be marked and engraved with some information patterns, which are used to prevent accidents and facilitate product traceability. Therefore, keeping the text information on the surface of the capacitor sleeves clear is its basic requirement.

In the past, the traditional way of marking for capacitor sleeves was by ink printing, but because of its easy wear and tear, and the handwriting is easy to be tampered with, many capacitor electrical manufacturers have introduced laser marking technology. Laser marking for capacitor sleeves not only has clear handwriting, but also has the advantages of permanence and environmental protection, and can meet the dual requirements of capacitor manufacturers for efficiency and quality.

In addition, laser marking machine is widely used in the electronics industry, which can realize the laser marking of various electronic components such as row resistors, optocouplers, capacitors, varistors, thermistors, ceramic capacitors, triodes, thyristors, voltage regulator blocks, integrated chips, etc.. The depth marking effect is good, the lines are thin, the precision is high, and the marking is clear and free of burrs. Laser marking machine has compact structure, small size, low operating failure rate, and stable and reliable product performance.

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