Application of Laser Marking Machine for Condiment Bottle Cap

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Laser Marking Machine Application for Condiment Bottle Cap

Condiments are auxiliary materials used for cooking. As consumables in life, the daily consumption is very large. As people’s requirements for food are getting higher, the types of condiments are also increasing. In addition, the packaging of condiments has also undergone tremendous changes. And some processes on the corresponding outer packaging are also improving, such as printing the production date or other codes on the cap of the condiment bottle. This requires the latest marking equipment – assembly line laser marking machine.

laser marking production date on plastic cap

The assembly line laser marking machine is a laser marking equipment that can cooperate with the production line. It is fast and can efficiently mark the production date, product LOGO, pattern, product information, etc. on the condiment bottle cap or packaging bag, which can not only play a role in brand promotion but also greatly improve the traceability of condiments, regulate the market order, for food safety.

Flying CO2 Laser Marking for Production Date on Soy Sauce Bottle
Online Flying Laser Marking Date on Metal Lid

Laser Marking and Ink Printing

 Laser MarkingInk Printing
EffectThe effect is refined, the marking pattern is clear, and the color is slightly darker or black for the material itselfblack
PermanentCorrosion and wear resistance, once marked, cannot be changedSemi-permanent, erasable and easy to wear
SafetySafety and environmental protectionink contamination


1. Suitable for marking on various materials, such as plastic, acrylic, glass, rubber, etc.

2. Equipped with visual positioning system, it can automatically identify and locate a certain position for marking without manual alignment.

3. The assembly line work surface is installed, which can realize the production line batch marking of condiments.

4. Fast speed, high efficiency, clear and beautiful marking effect, long-lasting and wear-resistant marks.

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