Application of Laser Marking Machine for Rice Cooker

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rice cooker

As a daily kitchen appliance for the Chinese, electric rice cookers are available in every household. People who cook often will see that there are two rows of scales on the stainless steel inner tank, which can help us measure the water consumption when cooking. So how did these scales come about? Introduced here is a fiber laser marking machine for marking scale lines on stainless steel liner.

Fiber laser marking machine adopts fiber laser, which mainly works on metal and plastic, and can also be used to complete the marking on the stainless steel inner tank.

There are two main methods that we routinely use for stainless steel liner engraving: metal etching and laser engraving. Metal etching is a process in which the etched metal parts are prepared with anti-corrosion graphics and text according to the requirements of the drawings, and then placed in the corrosion tank for etching, while laser engraving uses a laser beam to irradiate the surface of an object to form a high temperature area, which is a process of chemical changes on the metal surface.

rice cooker scale marking

Compared with the metal etching process, the laser marking process has higher precision and greater flexibility. Just import the required pattern size into the computer and use the special laser marking machine software to realize fast engraving such as pattern, scale line, LOGO.

Laser Marking / Engraving Scale on Stainless Steel

Safe operation.

No pollution.

Compatible with production line.

Suitable for batch marking of products.

The speed is fast, only a few seconds and dozens of seconds, especially suitable for the use of stainless steel rice cooker liner liner manufacturers.

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