Laser Marking Machine Application on Bamboo and Wood Musical Instruments

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laser marking on musical instrument

As a tool for expressing feelings and communicating ideas, musical instruments are deeply loved by people. There are many types of musical instruments, such as guzheng, piano, hulusi, pipa, guitar, etc. They are usually made of bamboo and wood, with unique shapes and long-lasting charm. Under the influence of popular culture, musical instruments are integrated with popular elements. Many musical instrument manufacturers use laser technology to engrave exquisite patterns on the surface to improve the quality of musical instruments in details. So, how does the laser process realize the marking and engraving on the surface of the musical instrument?

The principle of laser marking on the surface of musical instruments?

The co2 laser marking machine is usually used to realize the engraving of the patterns on the surface of the musical instrument. The principle of using high-energy laser beams to irradiate the surface of wooden musical instruments to produce burning marks, realizes the engraving marking of product information, logos, patterns, and the effect is beautiful and the marking is clear. It is only necessary to import the pattern information into the computer, and through the marking software, the laser marking machine efficiently completes the marking. Complex patterns can be easily completed.

Advantages of laser marking process?

Compared with traditional printing and dyeing inkjet technology, laser marking is faster and more efficient. The marking effect is clear and beautiful. For musical instruments often used, the laser marking process is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. Compared with inkjet printing, the pattern can be retained for a long time. And the process application cost is low, safe and environmentally friendly, fast and efficient.

Recommended model: co2 laser marking machine


1. It is equipped with multiple marking areas of 100*100~600*600mm to meet the needs of different marking ranges.

2. Equipped with high-quality carbon dioxide laser tube, stable light source and long life.

3. It can be used to mark the surface of musical instruments of various materials, such as wood, plastic, rubber, etc.

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