Laser Marking Machine Application on Biological Slide

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Biological slides are glass slides or quartz slides used to place materials during experiments, and are often used in medical laboratories and scientific research laboratories. In the application of biological slides, it is often necessary to engrave letters, code, and mark scale lines on the slides. Many manufacturers choose to use UV laser marking machine to achieve this function.

The ultraviolet laser marking machine uses 355nm wavelength high-load energy (ultraviolet) photons to irradiate the surface of the glass slide to break the chemical bond in the material or the surrounding medium, so that the material is destroyed by a non-thermal process to form a specific pattern. Laser marking is a non-contact processing, especially suitable for fine marking and engraving, and the uv laser marking machine is a “cold light source”. For the heat-sensitive slide, ultraviolet laser marking machine is an extremely suitable model.


1. Using ultraviolet cold light source which is delicate, the thermal impression area is small, and the marking effect is beautiful.

2. Fast marking speed, high efficiency and simple operation.

3. The marking area is 100*100, which can support multiple slides marking at one time.

4. Widely used in micro processing, fine engraving of various metal and non-metal film materials.

Laser Marking vs. Inkjet Technology

Laser Marking Inkjet Printing
CostLow cost of use, no consumables such as ink cartridges and ribbonsLong-term consumables and high cost of use
EffectThe markings are clear and fine, never fade and lose colorThe handwriting is rough, the effect is poor, and it is easy to fall off and wear
Environmental ProtectionSafe and environmentally friendly, no pollutionInk has a potential pollution hazard to the environment

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