Laser Marking Machine Application on Laptop Shell for Engraving Logo, Characters

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laser marking logo on laptop

With the development of electronic technology, laptop computers have entered an era of rapid development, and all kinds can be seen everywhere. The common laptop shell materials are: aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, carbon fiber, polycarbonate and engineering plastic ABS, etc. In recent years, aluminum alloy are very popular, and become the mainstream material of the current laptop shell.

For the notebook case made of aluminum alloy, it has the advantages of high strength, low quality, easy processing, good heat dissipation, etc., but its LOGO production and appearance design are greatly different from the traditional plastic case. Many notebook case manufacturers are pursuing craftsmanship improvement and quality breakthroughs, so they use the laser marking machine to complete the improvement of details and the display of quality.

Laser process on laptop shell

Laptop shells usually need to be marked with pattern texture and LOGO on the surface, and a single color tone is too boring. The use of laser marking technology to achieve this process has significant characteristics such as high efficiency, high process aesthetics, and high accuracy. Usually a high-power MOPA laser marking machine is needed to realize the engraving of LOGO and the effect of bright surface. The laser beam is used to engrave unique patterns and textures on the surface of the shell, enriching the appearance design of the product. The marking effect is beautiful, and the surface is almost non-touch. It is specially suitable for precision marking and engraving of 3C electronic products.

fiber laser marking black for ipad back-shell

Recommended model: MOPA laser marking machine

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