Laser Marking Machine Application on Mobile Phone SIM Card

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laser marking for sim card

With the popularity of smart phones, SIM cards, i.e. phone cards, are used more and more as the core component of mobile phones. In addition, the current cell phones support dual-card dual-standby. Although it provides convenience for users, there is always a security risk for a person with multiple calling cards. As a result, relevant policies in China were issued, requiring the real-name system of SIM cards to regulate market order. And, if you look carefully, you will find that there is a long string of numbers on the back of each SIM card, that is, the ICCID integrated circuit card identification code of the mobile phone card, which is the “ID card” of the phone card.

So, how are these numbers marked on?

The traditional SIM card mark is printed using an ink jet printer, but because the ink is easily worn on the surface of the SIK card, the identity information is easy to lose, which brings trouble to the traceability of the SIM card. Therefore, a laser marking process was introduced in the production process of the SIM card – laser marking machines are used to mark the SIM card.

laser marking for sim card

SIM card laser marking machine, also known as CCD visual positioning detection laser marker, is a highly intelligent, automatic identification positioning and marking machine, which can optimize the production process, reduce manual placement time, and high mark efficiency. It is widely used in the fine marking of 3C electronics, medical industry, communication industry and other products.

Features of assembly line laser marking machine:

1. It can intelligently identify the location of the SIM card, automatically positioning, and quickly mark without manual alignment.

2. The marking speed is fast, saves the manual placement process, greatly improves the production efficiency, and can realize the production line.

3. The marking is clear, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, precise energy control, suitable for fine marking, and can achieve clear marking in a small area.

4. Mainly used for online laser marking and coding in electronic components, circuit boards, 5G base station antenna vibrators, ceramic filters, instrumentation, mobile phone communications, precision accessories and other industries.

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