Laser Marking Machine Application on Resin Material Surface

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resin laser marking

Resin is a material extracted from plants and used to make various substances. It is a chemical molecule with relatively high strength. It is often used as a polymer or prepolymer as a base material for plastics. Resins can be divided into natural resins and synthetic resins, which are widely used in various industries. In order to meet the special needs of people, in many cases it is necessary to engrave and mark information such as patterns and textures on the surface of resin materials. The equipment that is often used for marking and engraving on the surface of resin materials includes UV laser marking machines and co2 laser marking machines.

UV Laser Marking Machine for Logo, Button Label on Plastic

CO2 laser marking machine mainly uses high-energy laser beams to irradiate the surface of the resin, then the resin material “radiates”, “absorbs” or “transmits”. When the material can absorb strong light energy, the surface of the material will be destroyed at high temperature, showing a change from the original color, to achieve the effect of marking and engraving letters.

Common resin material marking is mainly divided into the following situations:

1. The surface of the material is coated

When there is a coating on the surface of the resin material, laser marking machine produces high-temperature to peel off the surface coating, forming a unique pattern against the background of the substrate, commonly used for button markings.

2. The surface of the material is uncoated, and the physical properties inside and outside are the same

When encountering such materials, the high temperature generated by laser marking machine will directly vaporize the surface material and peel off to a certain depth, achieving the effect of peeling off the resin surface.

3. Discoloration of the material surface

There are mainly four kinds of engraving effects: foaming, engraving, color engraving.

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