Laser Marking Machine Application on Wood

in Wood,
wood grain laser marking

Wood grain is the growth ring of trees, representing a unique and simple charm. For some decoration and beautification needs, it is often necessary to mark and engrave artificial wood grain on the surface of the wood. Here is a wood-grain imitation process – wood laser marking process.

The wood-grain laser marking process is based on the principle of laser marking. The laser wood engraving machine is used to mark and engrave the surface of the wood board, and the simulated wood grain is carbonized. The simulation level is high, the effect is beautiful and the touch is good. It is a new type of wood grain simulation process. Through the laser high temperature roasting of the laser wood engraving machine, the surface of the wood board becomes darker – the graphic texture can be imported through the equipment to carve a special texture pattern on the surface of the wood board.

The large-format dynamic radio frequency laser marking machine can meet the needs of multiple processes and various graphics, and can realize the marking of complex patterns. The marks will be permanently retained, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and beautiful in effect.

Features of laser wood engraving machine

1. Large format processing area, 600*600mm, 800*800mm, 1200*1200mm and more large format models are available.

2. Equipped with high-quality radio frequency tube, compared with the conventional glass tube marking machine, the light spot is more delicate and the service life is longer.

3. According to requirements, marking, engraving, graphics and other arbitrary operations on the surface of the board can be realized.

4. The product has a wide range of functions, which can be used for fabric engraving, paper products cutting hollow, lettering film cutting, yoga mat marking and printing, wood grain marking, etc.

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