The laser marking machine cannot emit light using calibration software?

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The laser marking machine can emit light normally using standard software, but it cannot emit light using calibration software.

It is recommended to check the marking laser type first, if there is no problem, then check whether the percentage of the two parameters in the “Analog output” is at the default value of 10%, if so, increase it appropriately according to the marking effect.

“Enable Power analog output” can adjust the actual light intensity. If there is no light from the calibration software, you can adjust the percentage of this parameter to be greater than 10%, subject to the final clear image.

Enable Freq analog output” is mainly to change the size of the light frequency. If the frequency uses the default value of 10%, it may be that the frequency is too low, and the point light source is emitted, which causes the light to be discontinuous. Therefore, adjustments are also required to observe the smooth light effect.

Assuming that we are using an ordinary 30w pulsed fiber laser, it is recommended to set “Enable Power analog output” to about 50%, and “Enable Freq analog output” to be 20%~30%. (Note: Different lasers should be set according to actual conditions).

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