Custom Laser Marking Machine for Metal from China Manufacturer

Linxuan manufactures different types of reliable laser marking machines for metal. According to your needs, there are custom stainless steel marking machine, aluminum marking machine, brass marking machine, gold and silver marking machine. You can choose the best fiber laser marker for metal.

Custom Laser Marking Machine for Metal from China Manufacturer

Custom Laser Marking Machine for Metal Supplier

Linxuan specializes in providing customers with exclusive laser marking solutions, and each metal laser marking machine is tailored to your specific needs. Our customized services not only ensure marking accuracy and efficiency, but also fully consider your production environment and budget. Whether it is a small studio or a large production line, our custom laser marking machine for metal can be perfectly integrated to enhance the added value of your products and highlight your brand personality.

Series of Linxuan Laser Markers for Metal

By Features

Mini Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

Mini Laser Marking Machine for Metal

Lightweight and portable, environment-friendly, and maintenance-free, Linxuan small laser marker can be used at home.

Portable Engraving Machine for Metal

Portable Laser Marking Machine for Metal

A product with a compact and portable appearance and a quality combination of performance and precision.

Desktop Metal Engraving Machine

Desktop Metal Laser Marking Machine

Wide range of application, exquisite marking effect, beautiful craft, high precision, energy saving and environmental protection.

LX-A104-handheld fiber laser marking machine 01

Hand Held Metal Laser Marking Machine

Linxuan Handheld laser marking machine is small in size, easy to carry, and can be used for general proofing and customized gift or souvenir marking, etc.

Diy Laser Engraver for Metal

DIY Laser Marker for Metal

Linxuan DIY metal laser marker provides various customized functional accessories, such as double station, rotating plate, CCD vision positioning system, dust removal system, etc.

3D Laser Engraving Machine for Metal

3D Laser Marking Machine for Metal

For 3D curved objects, the laser focus is automatically adjusted to meet 3D marking without visual distortion.

By Laser Source

LX-A101 New Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine 1

Fiber Laser Marker for Metal

Linxuan fiber laser marking machine is suitable for all kinds of metals, alloys, oxides, and other materials, with fast marking speed, strong environmental adaptability, and good stability.

MOPA Laser Marking Machine

MOPA Laser Marking Machine

MOPA laser marker can perform basic marking, color laser marking stainless steel, black marking of anodized aluminum, and high contrast marking of various other metals (e.g. nickel alloy, steel, titanium), and is commonly used for medical products.

Integrated 5W/10W UV Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine

Linxuan UV laser marking machine is suitable for metal surface plating marking, adapted to the high-end market of ultra-fine processing, with fine effect and firm marking.

By Materials

Aluminum Engraving Machine

Aluminum Laser Marking Machine

Brass Engraving Machine

Brass Laser Marking Machine

Gold Engraving Machine

Gold Laser Marking Machine

Silver Engraving Machine

Silver Laser Marking Machine

Alloy Engraving Machine

Alloy Laser Marking Machine

Benefits of Linxuan Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Metal

metal laser marking 2D code and anti-counterfeit code

The mark by metal laser marking machine will never fade and exist for a long time. Linxuan provides high-quality laser marking machines for metal that can be used to make 2D code and anti-counterfeit code to achieve product traceability and anti-counterfeit.

safe and clean laser marking

Linxuan metal laser marking machine processing is non-toxic and non-polluting, a safe and clean processing mode. The laser marking system adopts no-touch processing, the laser head will not touch the material surface, avoiding the risk of the material being scratched and squeezed.

laser life of fiber laser engraving machine

The laser life of a fiber laser marking machine is up to 100,000 hours, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 30%, energy consumption is very small, and the cost is low. Marking speed is fast, the mark can be formed once, avoiding the subsequent rework process.

mass processing of laser engraving machine for metal

The cooling effect of the equipment is good, and the heat-affected area of the workpiece is small. Linxuan laser marking machine for metal has fast processing speed and stable performance, which is suitable for mass processing and improves economic benefits.

Why Choose Linxuan to Customize Your Products

Choose Linxuan metal laser marking machine for high efficiency, precision and stability in your production!

Linxuan laser marking machines for metal are one of the most trusted choices on the market due to their superior performance and reliability. Whether it’s high-precision detail processing or high-speed mass production, our equipment can handle it with ease.

We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service, including personalized technical support and customized solutions, to ensure that your production needs are met to the greatest extent.

We are always customer-focused, providing you with high-quality, high-performance equipment while maintaining reasonable prices, allowing you to effectively reduce costs while improving production efficiency.

Choosing us means choosing high-quality laser marking technology and choosing a long-term and stable production partner.

High quality selection of parts

High-quality Selection

High-speed digital galvanometer, fast marking speed, and stable performance.
Double red light focusing system, and red light frame positioning system, the focusing speed is 6-10 times faster than the ordinary focusing method.
Adopt a new high-quality chip, easily compatible with Windows computers.

Visual Positioning System

Vision positioning laser engraving machine for metal can achieve high precision positioning and marking at any angle, any number, any position of incoming materials. It can realize unmanned and automatic production by cooperating with rotary plate, assembly line, XY platform, and other components, which can greatly improve product quality and production efficiency.

Visual Positioning System with rotary plate
3d laser engraving

Comfortable Operating Design

Ergonomically designed by professional engineers, the whole machine is in up-focus mode, which allows the operator to use the machine comfortably and reduces fatigue during long working hours.

The three-axis dynamic system brings a larger working range and automatically marks the surface of the workpiece at different heights at one time.

Laser Marking Machine for Metal: FAQ Guide

Working Principle of Metal Laser Marking Machine

Metal laser marking machine uses a laser beam to locally heat the metal surface to oxidize, vaporize, or change the color, thereby forming patterns, text, or barcodes on the metal surface.

This processing method is achieved by precisely controlling the energy density and irradiation time of the laser beam, which can ensure that the metal material in the marking area is evenly removed, forming a clear and permanent marking effect.

What Types of Metals is the Metal Laser Marker Suitable for?

It is suitable for a wide range of metal materials, including common metals and alloys (e.g. iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.) and rare metals and alloys (e.g. gold, silver, titanium). In addition, metal oxides and metals with special surface treatments can also be effectively marked by laser marking machines.

How Accurate Can a Metal Laser Marking Machine Be?

The accuracy of laser marking machines for metal can usually reach the micron level.

In general, the marking accuracy of laser marking machines can reach about 0.01mm, and good products can reach 0.001mm.

It should be noted that the actual marking accuracy will also be affected by factors such as material type, surface treatment, and marking speed. For example, some metals have different absorption rates for lasers, which may affect the precision of marking. Therefore, when selecting a laser marking machine for metal, its accuracy should be evaluated based on specific application requirements.

metal laser marking ss for shell

What Are the Limitations of Metal Laser Marker?

Laser marking typically produces dark or contrasting color marks on metal surfaces. For applications requiring specific color marking, additional surface preparation or dyeing may be required.

Coatings, oxide layers or other treatments on metal surfaces may affect the laser marking. In some cases, pre- or subsequent surface treatment is required to optimize the marking effect.

Some metal materials may be sensitive to lasers and require special handling to avoid damage.

Waste gas, waste residue, etc. may be produced during the laser marking metal process, and appropriate environmental protection measures are required to deal with them.

metal laser marking machine for logo

How Does Metal Surface Preparation Affect Laser Marking Results?

Cleanliness: The cleanliness directly affects the interaction of the laser beam with the material surface. Dirt, grease, or other contaminants can absorb or reflect laser energy, causing uneven marking or damaging the material surface.

Roughness: Rough surfaces scatter the laser beam, reducing the precision and clarity of markings. The smooth surface is conducive to the focusing of the laser beam and improves the marking quality.

Coating and oxide layer: The coating (such as paint, plating, etc.) and oxide layer on the metal surface will absorb or reflect laser energy, affecting the marking depth and clarity. In some cases, these coatings or oxide layers need to be removed for best results.

Surface color and reflectivity: The color and reflectivity of a metal affect its absorption of laser energy. For example, polished metal surfaces have high reflectivity and may need to adjust laser parameters to obtain good marking results.

How to Choose the Right Laser Marking Machine for Metal?

When choosing a laser marking machine for metal, several key factors should be considered.

Materials: First determine the type of metal you need to mark. Different metals absorb laser light at different rates, so you need to choose the laser type and power appropriate for the material.

Marking requirements: Consider your marking accuracy, depth, speed and mark type (e.g., text, pattern, barcode, etc.). These factors will determine the power, technical specifications of the laser marking machine you need.

Production scale: Choose the right equipment based on your production scale (such as single-piece production, small batch production, or high-volume production). High-volume production may require higher power and automated equipment.

Budget: Determine your budget range. High-end laser marking machines may offer higher performance and more features, but also cost more.

Operation and Maintenance: Consider the operational complexity and maintenance needs. Choosing equipment that is easy to operate and maintain can reduce training costs and downtime.

Brand and supplier reputation: Choose a well-known brand and reputable supplier to ensure equipment reliability and quality after-sales service.

Safety and environmental standards: Make sure the equipment you choose meets local safety and environmental standards.

Upgrade and expansion capabilities: Consider possible future upgrade and expansion needs and choose equipment that can adapt to future development.

After-sales service: Consider whether the supplier’s after-sales service quality and technical support are timely and reliable.

Laser Marking Machine for Metal

Can Metal Laser Marking Machines Achieve Color Marking?

Among laser marking machines for metal, the equipment that can directly realize color marking is mainly the MOPA laser marking machine, which can provide flexible pulse width and frequency adjustment to accurately control the thermal effect and oxidation process of the material. MOPA laser marking machines excel in metal marking, especially black marking on aluminum oxide and colored marking on stainless steel surfaces.

laser marking color block  on stainless steel sheet

However, if cost is considered, color marking on metal surfaces can be achieved indirectly through the following methods:

Color-coated material: Apply a special color coating on the metal surface, and then use laser marking to remove part of the coating to expose the base color, thereby forming a color mark. This method requires precise control of laser parameters to avoid damaging the underlying metal.

Color filling: First use a laser marker to mark patterns or text on the metal surface, and then fill the marked grooves with colored paint or dye. This method can achieve rich color effects but requires a subsequent manual or automatic filling process.