Laser Marking Machine Optical Components Cleaning Precautions

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Optical components of laser marking machine are important components of beam output. Due to the working environment, the optical components may be dirty or dust may accumulate, which will affect the marking effect and accuracy.

What should be paid attention to when cleaning optical components of laser marking machine?

Do not touch the optical components directly with your hands.

Gloves should be worn as skin oils can permanently damage the surfaces of optical components. For smaller optical components, it is more convenient to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers. Whichever method is used to clamp the optic, only clamp along the frosted edge of the non-optical element.

Do not touch holographic gratings, grooved gratings, unprotected first-side metal mirrors, and pellicle beamsplitters with your hands or optical manipulation equipment.

These surfaces are very sensitive and any physical contact can cause damage. Most crystals such as beamsplitters, lithium niobate crystals and electro-optic modulators are temperature sensitive and will crack when subjected to thermal shock. Therefore, before opening the package, please ensure that the package and items are placed in a stable temperature environment. These crystals are more fragile than ordinary optical components, so care must be taken when cleaning them.

Do not place the optical components of the fiber laser marker on a hard surface.

Because contamination on optical components or surfaces can wear optical components. Instead, most optical components should be wrapped in lens paper and stored in a storage case designed specifically for optical components.

Generally, these boxes should be stored in a low humidity, high cleanliness and temperature controlled environment. Optical components of fiber laser markers are prone to scratches or contamination, and some optically coated components are hygroscopic, so proper storage is important to protect optical components.

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