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MultiFileMark” module is able to mark repeatedly different *.ezd files, avoiding changing the files.


Add: Add .ezd files. The dialog box pops up after click “add” button. Setting I/O control conditional for files, and automatically mark files when board accept the IO signal in mark status.


Delete: delete files.

Prev, Next: change the order of files.

Modify: change file selected and IO control conditional.

If click the name of files, show the file content in the multifilemark dialog box right. If double click the name of files, open the file, and can change the content and parameter. Mark the revised files after press save.

Save: save choosing files and setting IO control conditional to *.mfd.

Open: open *.mfd files.

Set IO control conditional, press mark, then board check the signal, if the signal is the same as setting, the files with the setting will be marked. If the signal accord with some files, the file in the front will be marked.

Generally speaking, software accepting signal is the level signal, and press mark button, the dialog box pops up. When the signal accord with setting, with the name of file in the following of box.

If must the accepting signals be pulse signals, should set IO port that doesn’t show in figure above in start mark IO. For example, port 0-3, should set other port in start mark IO, as port 6. Press mark, then pop up. When the board accept the start mark IO and setting IO control conditional at the same time, the files will be marked only one time.

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