What causes the laser to not emit light when it is connected to the board?

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There are generally the following possibilities.

A. Not on the focal plane. After marking a small circle continuously, manually adjust the distance between the galvanometer and the marking surface until the light is the strongest.

B. Wrong choice of laser type. The correct laser type should be selected in the F3 parameter.

laser type selected

C. Whether the laser control interface CON2 and the core wire of the laser are loose or not tightly inserted.

D. Test whether the laser output signal is normal, or use the internal control software of the laser to test the light first, so as to determine whether the board card communication or the laser is faulty. If the internal control software can emit light normally, it is recommended to check whether the laser type and laser signal correspond to the signal that can be controlled by the laser port of board. After eliminating the laser type and signal wiring problems, if the light still does not come out, you can try to mark a simple graphic, see whether the board’s red light is on, if not, it means that the board may be faulty. Please contact sales for repair.

E. If the marking indicator light (red light) of the card does not flash, check whether the fly marking is enabled in “Parameters”-“Other”-“Fly Mark”. If it is enabled, cancel the “Fly Mark”.

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