Laser Welding Machine Switching On and Off Steps

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1. Preparation before starting the machine

1) Check whether the laser welding machine power supply and the water cycle is normal.

2) Check whether the equipment gas link in the machine is normal.

3) Check that the machine surface is free of dust, spots, oil, etc.

2. Turn on the machine

1)Turn on the power, turn on the main power switch.

2)Open the water cooler, laser generator, etc. in order.

3)Open the gas valve and adjust the gas flow.

4)Input the current working parameters to be executed.

5)Perform the welding operation.

3. Shut down

1)Exit the program and turn off the laser generator.

2)Shut down the dust collector, water cooler and other parts in order.

3)Close the gas cylinder valve.

4) Turn off the main power switch.

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