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As a leading laser machine supplier, Linxuan Laser provides various industries with high-quality, innovative laser welding solutions. Through our technical expertise, ongoing innovation, and exceptional customer service, we are committed to being your partner of choice.

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Laser Welding System

Focus on the laser industry for 20 years

Handheld Laser Welder

  • Air-cooled laser is adopted
  • Lightweight design and portable handheld structure
  • Triple protection design, built-in air pressure detection device
Handheld Laser Welder
Robot Laser Welder

Robot Laser Welder

  • Fast movement and short operation cycle times
  • High precision, ensuring stable quality
  • Laser head can electrically move back and forth, up and down, left and right and rotate 360 degree.

Jewelry Laser Welder

  • Dual display, optical microscope + CCD
  • Stable optical path
  • High-efficiency large-volume copper heat exchanger, water temperature display protection module
Jewelry Laser Welder
Battery Laser Welder

Battery Laser Welder

  • A 2000-6000 watt fiber laser
  • A gantry structure to meet the welding requirements of various sizes of lithium battery packs
  • Highly integrated, simple to operate, quick to use

Why Choose Linxuan Laser Welders?

Working with us, you will receive technical support and a full range of solutions to ensure your welding tasks/business are completed smoothly and achieve the highest quality results.

Technology and Experience: Linxuan Laser has rich expertise and experience in laser welding technology and is recognized as an expert in the industry.

Innovate and Adapt: We constantly pay attention to the latest developments and innovative technologies in the industry and integrate them into our products and solutions.

High Quality: Advanced manufacturing and strict quality control processes ensure that each device has excellent performance, reliability, and durability.

Service: We value communication and cooperation with customers. Whether pre-sales consultation, equipment installation and commissioning, or after-sales service, we strive to ensure that our customers’ needs are met.

Cost-effectiveness: We focus on offering competitive prices without compromising product quality.


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Technical Characteristics and Advantages of Laser Welding Machine

High-precision Welding

The high energy density and controllability of the laser beam allow for excellent welding. It can achieve high-quality connections with tiny welds and thin materials, and can weld complex-shaped workpieces.

Non-contact Processing

Laser welding is a non-contact processing technology. The laser beam directly irradiates the workpiece through the optical transmission system without physical contact. This avoids contamination and damage due to contact.

High-speed Welding

Laser welding is fast and can complete a welding point in milliseconds or faster. This makes it suitable for mass production environments and improves production efficiency and capacity.

Small Heat-affected Zone

The heat input of laser welding is very concentrated and only produces local heating around the welding area. Compared with other traditional welding methods, laser welding reduces the size of the heat-affected zone, which can reduce material deformation and deterioration, while reducing welding residual stress.

High Connection Strength

Laser welding provides high-strength connections, and the strength of the weld can often reach or even exceed the strength of the base material. This makes laser welding widely used in applications requiring high-strength connections, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, and other fields.

Automation and Integration

Laser welding technology is easy to automate and integrate into production lines. It can be used in conjunction with equipment such as robots and conveyor belt systems to achieve highly automated production processes and improve work efficiency and consistency.

Customizable Design

The laser welding machines can be customized and designed. They can be adjusted and optimized whether it is welding materials, welding depth, or welding speed.

Key Considerations when Buying a Suitable Laser Welding Machine?

Choosing the right laser welder is a critical decision, and here are some considerations to help you make the right choice:

Welding Needs

First, clarify your welding needs. Determine the welding material, welding thickness, and welding form (spot welding, continuous welding, etc.), which will help determine the required parameters such as laser power, beam quality, and welding speed.

Material Type

Different materials have different requirements for laser welding. For example, metal materials often require a CO2 laser welder, while plastic materials may require a specific laser wavelength and energy.

Laser Type

Choose the appropriate laser type based on specific application needs. CO2 laser welding machines are suitable for high-power welding of metal materials, fiber laser welding machines have the advantages of high flexibility and easy integration, and solid-state laser welding machines are suitable for high-power and high-speed applications.

Power and Energy Density

Select the appropriate laser power and energy density according to the requirements of the welding task. Higher power and energy density are generally suitable for large-size welding, deep welding, or high-speed welding, while lower power is suitable for small welds or fine welding.

Automation Needs

If you need an automated production line, it will be more advantageous to choose a laser welding machine with automated functions and interfaces. This will ensure coordination and integration with other equipment, increasing productivity and consistency.

Customizable Performance

We can create custom designs based on your specific needs, such as table size, automatic centering systems, etc. Choose a supplier and product that can meet your needs.

Value for Money

In addition to performance, consider price and cost-effectiveness. Compare products and prices from different vendors, and evaluate the technical support, warranty, and after-sales support they provide.

Reference Customers and Reviews

Check the supplier’s customer reviews and references to learn about their credibility and experience. You can talk to other customers using similar equipment to get their feedback and suggestions.

Careful evaluation of these factors and in-depth communication and discussion with the laser welding machine supplier will help you make an informed choice.

Growth Trends of Laser Welder Market

The laser welding machine market is in a stage of rapid growth.

Technological Progress and Innovation

With the continuous development and innovation of laser technology, laser welding machines have unique advantages in high precision, high efficiency, and high-quality welding. This has prompted more and more industries to adopt laser welding technology, driving the growth of the laser welding machine market.

Automation Demand

As the degree of automation in the manufacturing industry increases, the demand for automated welding equipment is also increasing. Laser welding machines can be integrated with automation systems to achieve high-speed, high-precision, and continuous welding to meet the needs of mass production.

Expanded Applications

Laser welding technology is widely used in various industries, including automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, medical equipment, etc. With the development and increasing demand in these industries, the laser welding machine market has also been driven.

Environmental Requirements

Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding has lower heat input and carbon emissions, reducing the impact on the environment. With the increasing environmental awareness and regulations, the demand for environmentally friendly welding technology is also increasing, which is further driving the growth of the laser welding market.

Personalized Customization

Many industries require fine and complex welding tasks, which puts forward higher requirements for laser welding machines. Suppliers continue to provide more flexible and customizable laser welders to meet the individual needs of different industries and application fields.