The USB cable of LMC board cannot be connected to the computer (no communication)

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The USB cable does not communicate with the computer, that is, the laser marking machine is not connected to our industrial computer, so the laser marking machine software Ezcad will not play any role. How to troubleshoot?

1. Check whether the USB cable is loose.

Re-plug the USB cable on the computer side, and then re-plug the self-closing connector connected to the laser mark control board at the other end. If it still cannot be recognized, it may be a problem with the USB cable. It is recommended to replace a cable to test again.

2. The driver of laser marking machine is damaged.

Re-download the laser marking machine driver file and install it on the computer. Then reconnect the USB cable.

3. There is a problem with the laser mark control board.

Check if the 5V power supply to the laser mark control board is powered off. If there is a power outage, replace the 5V power supply directly.

The LMC board of laser marking machine is affected by the external environment, and may be lost or damaged in different situations within 3 to 10 years. Try to replace a laser mark control board.

4. Computer hardware failure.

For example, the USB interface is damaged. So first check if the computer is faulty before doing other tests.

5. Whether the laser marking machine is started

The laser marking machine must be started before entering the marking software ezcad. If you start ezcad first, and then turn on the marking machine, there will also be a situation that the USB cannot be connected.

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