What should I do if the marking lines printed by the laser marking machine are bent?

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The laser marking machine itself is famous for its fine, clear and beautiful marking effect, so many users buy it for this.

However, if the operation is improper or other factors affect, the marking effect is likely to be blurred or deformed.

What should I do if the marking lines printed by the laser marking machine are bent?

First check how much the mark is deformed and bent.

If the bend is very small, it is generally not easy to find, especially when the font is large. Although this situation does not greatly affect the appearance of the marked font, once this phenomenon is found, no matter how serious it is, it must be solved as soon as possible. Because if this phenomenon is allowed to continue, it will definitely lead to a larger failure of the laser marking machine.

The bending of the marking line is likely to be the problem of the galvanometer part of the laser marking head. The direct cause of the curved line is generally the inaccurate positioning of the galvanometer and the jitter.

Causes of inaccurate positioning with jitter of the galvanometer

1. The galvanometer signal is disturbed.

For example,

The signal ground of the signal wire is not connected to the ground wire.

There is interference between the signal line and the RF line of the Q driver, which can be checked by turning off the Q driver.

The signal line is damaged, such as the shielding layer is damaged, etc.

2. There is a problem with the galvanometer itself of the laser marking machine.

The potentiometer of the galvanometer, or the capacitor or other components are faulty or the value has changed.

3. There is a problem with the motor of the equipment.

The motor and the motor frame are not insulated.

4. The problem of laser marking control board.

The main reason is that there is a problem with the DA card, which cannot be converted, or there is a problem with the large card.

5. It may also be a computer problem.

The operating software is not installed, the driver is not updated, the driver is not installed completely, and there is a virus in the computer.

If the laser marking machine has mechanical failure, it must be dealt with and repaired in time to ensure more effective work efficiency. If you can’t solve it by yourself, don’t rashly disassemble the machine, you can contact the laser marker manufacturer for after-sales service.

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