Marking: Pen List

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In EzCad2, every document file has 256 pens, 0 to 255 numbered, and they are located in the top of the Marking Properties Table. Each pen is corresponding to a group of marking parameter and the parameter base’s name is after the color.

marking pen list
marking pen list 1

: This item indicates that objects with selected pen’s number will be marked. Users may customize the color by double-clicking the color sticker.

marking pen list 2

: This item indicates that the current object has not been marked with a pen’s number, and it will not be marked.

Color: the current pen’s color.

Apply Parameter Button: The buttons show as Figure.

marking pen list 3

When pressed the button, the pen number of the current object will be changed to the one that the color stands for.

When pressing the right button of the mouse, a shortcut menu will appear as Figure shows.

marking pen list 4

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