Marking software shows insufficient memory, how to do?

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Insufficient memory is not the hard disk memory, but the running memory.

1. The software cache is not automatically reset and the CPU is full, so you need to confirm whether you are using a genuine system.

2. The hardware version(laser marking control board) does not match the EzCad software, you need to select the right corresponding EzCad version.

3. If it prompts when importing a bitmap, it may be that the image is too large. Import it after compressing it with PS.

4. If you mark an article with too much text, it will prompt when filling(hatch)

If use the hatch function for every word, then the computer’s cpu is basically running at full capacity. In the EzCad2 software, the text is also calculated according to the vector diagram.

You can first solve the problem of not having enough running memory. Then, make the hatch density smaller, and increase the frequency to compensate for the lack of density and marking is not clean. Then try closing other running programs on the computer.

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