Modify Menu: Align

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Command “Align” will be available only when more than one object is selected in the workspace. “Align” is used to align the objects users select on the two-dimensional plane. There are several ways to align:

Left: All objects align left.

Right: All objects align right.

Vertical: All objects align vertical.

These three ways above only support to move objects on horizontal direction.

Top: All objects align top.

Bottom: All objects align bottom.

Horizontal: All objects align horizontal.

These three ways above only support to move objects on vertical direction.

Center: All objects align center. This way may cause moves on both horizontal and vertical directions.

Note: The benchmark to align is according to the last object users select, and other objects align behind it. If you select several objects by “Frame Select”, then the system will hardly identify which is the last one, and this may cause unexpected alignment. It is strongly recommended that you select the object which is to be the benchmark at the end when you want to align several objects.

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