Mopa Laser Marking Color on Metal Steel

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Samples of mopa fiber laser marking machine projects – engraving color on a metal steel plate. Fiber laser engraving for numbers, graphics, and letters on various materials.

Why Can MOPA Laser Marking Machine Mark Color?

The reason why the MOPA laser marking machine can achieve color marking is because it uses frequency modulation technology. Traditional solid-state laser marking machines usually use Q switches to generate high-energy pulsed laser, while MOPA laser markers can adjust the pulse width by inserting a modulator between the oscillator and the power amplifier.

By adjusting the pulse width, the MOPA laser marking machine can achieve shorter pulses and have higher peak power. This feature enables the MOPA laser marking machine to interact with certain materials to produce pigmentation reactions or surface oxidation, thus presenting visible color effects in different color ranges.

Specifically, MOPA laser marking machines are usually equipped with an accessory called a “pigment module”, which can control the pulse width according to the input signal of the modulator. By adjusting the pulse width and the cooperation of the pigment module, different color marking effects can be achieved. For example, on different metal materials, the grayscale change from black to white can be achieved by adjusting parameters.

It should be noted that the application of MOPA laser marking machines in color marking still has certain limitations and challenges, including material type, marking speed, color range, etc. Therefore, in practical applications, it is still necessary to select appropriate equipment and parameter settings according to specific requirements to obtain the best results.

What Materials Can MOPA Laser Marking Machine Mark With Color?

The following are some common materials suitable for color marking by MOPA laser marking machines:

Stainless Steel

MOPA laser marking machine can produce oxide layers of different colors on the surface of stainless steel, from dark blue to black or other tones of color effects.

Titanium and Titanium Alloys

By adjusting the pulse width and power, the MOPA laser marking machine can achieve color effects from light blue to purple on titanium and titanium alloys.

Non-ferrous Metals

Non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper and bronze can be colored marked with MOPA laser marking machines, producing rich reds, greens, blues and purples.


Certain types of plastic can show different color changes by controlling the pulse width and power during laser marking to achieve color marking effects.

It should be noted that the feasibility and effectiveness of color marking depend on many factors, including the chemical composition and characteristics of the material and the parameter settings of the MOPA laser marking machine.

In practical applications, it is recommended to conduct material testing and parameter adjustment to determine the best color marking effect and select the appropriate equipment and material combination.

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