MOPA Laser Marking Machine for Professional Aluminum Blackening

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MOPA laser marking machine is a new generation of laser marker system developed by using the most advanced laser technology in the world.

It uses a fiber laser to output laser light, and then realizes the marking function through a digital high-speed galvanometer system, which is mainly used to replace the traditional and backward aluminum blackening manufacturing process.

Advanced laser processing systems can rapidly improve quality and production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and reduce environmental pollution.

The aluminum blackening MOPA laser marking machine is indeed a widely used laser equipment. Alumina blackening can also be called aluminum product logo laser, laser engraving machine, laser engraving, alumina laser engraving machine, metal laser marking machine.

The aluminum oxide black MOPA laser marking machine has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and adopts air-cooled cooling. The whole machine is compact, the output beam quality is good, and the reliability is high.

A lot of the existing aluminum blackening is for anodized aluminum. The principle of aluminum blackening is due to the nano-effect. Because the size of the oxide particles is nano-scale after laser treatment, the light absorption performance of the material is increased, so that visible light is irradiated to the material and absorbed. The reflected visible light is very little, so the naked eye was observed to be black, so it is called alumina blackening.

If the aluminum plate without an oxide layer wants to make black characters, the only way is to turn on a high-power fiber laser. It must be above 30W, and the aluminum can be burned to make black characters. The aluminum black laser marking machine can directly make the aluminum black effect.

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