Object Properties: Positon, Size, Array

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Object Properties are displayed in the left side of the main interface window.

Ezcad Object Properties

X position: the X coordinate of the point in the left button corner of the object selected.

Y position: the Y coordinate of the point in the left button corner of the object selected.

Z position: the Z coordinate of selected object.

X Size: width of the object selected.

Y Size: height of the object selected.

Lock the current width/height proportion of the object selected. If user changes the object’s size, system will keep the X/Y ratio. Click the button will switch to unlock state.

The coordinate data (X position, Y position) is maped to which point of the object.

Array: copy the current object and arrange them to the destination users want by setting the row|column number and space.

Count X: the count of the row.
Count Y: the count of the column.
Inc (mm): the space between each row|column.

: set array’s row as marking precedence.

: set array towards vertical direction as marking precedence.

array 3

: Unidirection marking.

array 4

: Bidirectional marking.

Input port: The system reads the input port first, and then compare whether the current input singal is as the same as the object’s “I/O Control condition”, and if it does, the current object will be marked, or, the system will skip the current object and handle next object. Only four bits (0, 1, 2, 3) are available now. Each bit has three states. The grayed state means skip this signal. The unchecked state means that if we want to mark this object then the signal of this bit must be low level voltage (TTL compatible). The checked state stands for the high level voltage (TTL compatible) needed.

: expect the high level voltage.

: expect the low level voltage.

: skip the signal.

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