What should be paid attention to in the installation of fiber laser marking machine?

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1. When installing, the main components to be considered are the metal plate and the solid workpiece, the machined part, the mechanical connection between the spring washer and the washer. If necessary, make sure that there are certain screws that will not loose.

2. For the electronic control device, the main consideration is that the control circuit should be reasonable. When the electrical component box has a certain dust-proof function, it should be noted that when a sudden power failure occurs, the device cannot be started by itself. The case should also be grounded.

3. The main factors to be considered during installation are as follows: the red correction optical path must be completely accurate. Modulus height must be the same as the optical axis height. Red light focus must be adjusted to twice the oscillation of the optical chamber. The light hole should be smaller. After a good adjustment of the semi-reflective, the position is locked and cannot be moved.

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