Power Mark parameter in Ezcad2 becomes Current, why? How to solve it?

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power to current

This is because the mark parameter has become the default value. When the Ezcad2 software is installed, the YAG laser will be selected by default in Laser Control, with the default Current in Mark parameter.

So if you want to change Current to Power, you need to select another type of laser in the settings.

Click parameter configuration(F3). In Laser Control, the Laser Type can be seen:

laser control fiber power

CO2: CO2 laser.

YAG: YAG is the abbreviation of yttrium aluminum garnet crystal (Y3Al5O12), which is a laser matrix with excellent comprehensive properties (optical, mechanical, and thermal).

FIBER: Fiber laser.


Reselect FIBER and click OK. The Current changes back to Power.


The parameter settings of each laser are different. If you choose SPI, it not only has Power setting, but also Waveform setting.

If the Ezcad software is reset, there are still many places that need to be adjusted, such as format settings, galvanometer correction, etc. Therefore, in the process of using the laser marking machine, try not to easily change various parameters in the marking software Ezcad. Don’t replace the software of higher or lower version, because the marking software corresponds to the laser mark control board. When replacing the software, it is best to communicate with the laser marking machine manufacturer.

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