LX Portable Mini Handheld Fiber Laser Engraving Machine with Chargable Lithium Battery

Price: $1500$3000

Model: LX-A-Series
Laser Power: 20W/30W
Applicable Material: metal and non-metal


Highly integrated design, small and light
The battery is detachable
Fast-focusing and high-precision marking
A more comprehensive range of use and higher flexibility

Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking.

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.

Guarantee: 2 Years Free Warranty

Portable Mini Handheld Fiber Laser Engraver Manufacturer

Linxuan mini handheld laser engraving machine is specially designed to solve various marking difficulties. Advanced laser technology is used to realize fast-focusing and high-precision marking.

With a highly integrated design, the body is small and light, and the battery is detachable, providing unlimited endurance and improving work efficiency. Hand-held fiber laser engraver has a broader range of use and higher flexibility, which can meet customers’ daily needs.


Hardware Performance

Hardware Performance of mini handheld fiber laser engraver

Battery system

1. 220V plug-in version: plug-in and use, convenient and fast.

2. Lithium battery charging version: detachable battery design, charging mode: offline or built-in; With the backup battery, you can have unlimited battery life.

Field lens and handle

The field lens uses a hidden design, which can reduce accidental touch during use and transportation, protect the field lens and improve its service life.

The handle adopts a more ergonomic design and glue wrapping process, with an anti-slip texture, which increases friction and gives a better sense of use.

Concealed grille channel

This design is applied on the left and right sides of the equipment to effectively reduce wind noise, hide and protect the hardware.

Host handle

With nitrogen blowing molding process, the handle has stronger strength and can support the impact force of up to 80kg.

Software Performance

Software Performance of mini handheld fiber laser engraver

Configure the Linux system

8-core processor with high-security level stable performance and fast response.

Large color touchscreen

8-inch full-fit LCD screen, one-button trigger; One machine can be used for multiple purposes, and the hardware is diversified and compatible.

Parameter specification

LaserFiber laser generator
Output power20W, 25W, 30W
Marking range70x70mm, 100x100mm(optional)
Deflection seismoscopeHigh-precision two-dimension scanning system
Laser wavelength1064mm
Focus lens130mm
Marking speed<7000mm/s
Master controlIntegrated motherboard, 8-inch capacitance full-fit screen
Operating systemLinus system
Marking line typeDot-matrix and vector all-in-one machine
Line width0.03mm
Repetitive positioning accuracy0.01mm
Positioning methodRed light positioning and focusing
Number of engraved character linesAny line within the valid marking range
Printing speed800 characters(related to material and printing content)
FontChinese and English, digital, traditional Chinese, and other standard font
File formatBMP, DXF, HPGL, JPEG, PLT
Bar codeCODE39, CODE128, CODE126. QR
Source110V/220V AC. lithium cell(216wh)
Overall power consumption145-250W
Operating temperature of the whole machine0-40°
Operating Weight6-6.8KG


Compared with the bulky traditional marking machine, the hand-held laser marking machine is smaller in size and more portable and flexible in use. Aiming at the problem of the endurance of the handheld laser marking machine on the market, technical reform has been made.

Price advantage, Quality assurance
Provide high quality at a reasonable price, making laser technology universal.

Dismantle the battery to ensure a safe life
It is equipped with a 1 KG high-capacity detachable battery cell and has unlimited endurance.

Body design, small and light
The overall weight is 6.5 KG, which conforms to the ergonomic design. It is portable and flexible.

One-touch screen, easy to operate
Configure the Linux operating system, which can be operated by hand, and is more simple and smooth.

Infrared positioning, accurate marking
Advanced laser technology is used to realize fast focusing and high-precision marking.

Lightweight packaging and fast transportation
The package of complete equipment is only 10 KG at most, which can greatly reduce the transportation cost and effectively reduce the time cost and transportation cost.


Mini hand-held fiber laser engraving machine is widely used in various industries: medical industry, electronic industry, food industry, plastic industry, hardware industry, mechanical parts, clothing leather, etc.

It is applicable to all kinds of metal materials, such as gold, silver, copper, steel, etc., and also to some non-metallic materials, such as paper, plastic, glass, etc. The range of application materials is wide, and it can be used for trademark coding, bar code marking, and other personalized customization.


projects of mini handheld fiber laser engraver


Main Parts of Laser Marking Machine

Raycus or IPG Laser SourceRaycus or IPG Laser Source
Using the most advanced laser source in China, the life time can up 100000 hours.


High Speed GalvanometerHigh Speed Galvanometer
Adopts advanced digital high speed scanning galvanometer, quick speed without deviation, small volume, good stability.


JCZ Control CardJCZ Control Card
Adopt the embedded operating system, simple and convenient operation, great performance.


F-theta LensGood Quality F-theta Lens
Marking laser beam fast position and precision focus.


Power SupplyPower Supply
Provide power for galvanometer head and control card, high efficiency and low working temperature.


computerIndustry Computer
High performance industrial control computer, to guarantee the stable working 24 hours a day.


Safety marking GogglesSafety Goggles
Protect your eyes from harm, safer and more environmental friendly.


Foot SwitchFoot Switch
Unique structure design, high quality pedals, convenient operation, improve work efficiency, humanized design.


Red Light PointerRed Light Pointer
Advanced red light preview functions, easier to find the marking size, marking position.


Rotary DeviceRotary Device(optional)
Using step motor to realize numerical control, the speed can be controlled by the computer liberalisation.


2D/3D Working Table2D/3D Working Table
X axis adjustable range is 160mm, Y axis adjustable range is 90mm, flexible, have multiple screw holes, convenient and custom installation, special fixture industry platform.

How to choose suitable model machine for laser marking?

We will help to recommend with knowing below information:

Which material you want to mark?
What’s your maximum marking area?
Do you have demand in marking depth?

Machine working training?

Manual, video, remote-assistance will be provided. Engineer can go to your place for helping if need.

How about your after-sales service?
We offer you 24 hours service phone, skype or MSN.

Quality Control:

The whole production procedure will be under regular inspection and strict quality control. The complete laser marking machine will be tested to make sure they can work very well before being out of factory.

The testing video and pictures will be available before delivery.

1. International quality certificate, FDA, CE
2. 100,000 hours lifetime, free maintenance.
3. Warranty is 3 years for laser source, 2 years for extral parts of whole machine.
4. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
5. Free training for machine installation and operation.
6. Free marking samples provided to customers.
7. 24 hours technician professional and timely after-sale service


Packaging & Shipping

1.Inner package: waterproof plastic transparent film.
2.Middle package: white foam, to protect the machine from shaking.
3.Outside package: wooded case free of fumigation.
4.As for the wholsalers/distributors, we could send the cargo by air, by sea or by railways.
5.The delivery lead time would be 5 days.