Backpack Mini Portable Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Dust Removal

Price: $4300$9900

Model: LX-P-Series
Laser Power: 50W/100W


External battery, strong mobility
Exclusive mini laser head, durable and not tired
High cleaning precision, excellent data
Green and environmental protection

Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking.

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.

Guarantee: 2 Years Free Warranty

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Portable Mini Laser Cleaning Machine Manufacturer

50W/100W Mini Portable Knapsack Laser Cleaning Machine for Rust Dust Removal

Chassis Function Introduction

Chassis Function Introduction

Handle Button
Unique design, one-button opening, and closing is easy to operate

Safety Switch

Air Outlet

Large displacement, strong heat dissipation, novel appearance

Fiber Exit

Compact and beautiful

Power Interface

Easy to push and pull, durable

Warning Light Handle

Unique Design With Built-in Safety Lock
Strong and durable, beautiful and eye-catching
Green is normal, red is in working state


Small and Smart
Easy to operate and more humanized

Strap Buckle

Hang the straps to free your hands easy to carry

Rubber Feet

Small and beautiful, more non-slip

Fifth Generation Laser Head

cleaning laser head

Long time to hold not tired
Stable to withstand 300w without hot

PK similar products
first cleaning laser head1. The volume is too large
2. bulky
3. Difficulty holding hands
second cleaning laser head1. The image has only straight lines and spirals
2. The focal length is fixed and single
3. The knob is easily damaged, and it is difficult to adjust the parameters
4. bulky
5. Difficulty integrating automation
third cleaning laser head1. Poor heat dissipation and long-term use will damage the galvanometer and lens
2. Without protection, it is easy to accidentally touch the launch button, causing harm
3. Not easy to integrate automation
4. Focus is hard to control
fourth cleaning laser head1. The volume is relatively large
2. Relatively bulky
3. Not suitable for long-term operation


The chassis is equipped with a strap buckle, the strap can be carried on the shoulder, and the hands are freed.
External battery, strong mobility.
Hand-held cleaning, exclusive mini laser head, durable and not tired, flexible and convenient.
Excellent data, some parameters are stronger than 200W air-cooled laser cleaning machine, high cleaning efficiency.
The system is stable, easy to control, and has a service life of up to 50,000 hours, which is cost-effective.
High cleaning precision, nano-level controllable, no damage to the substrate.
Green and environmental protection, no secondary pollution.


Parameter name50W100W
Max average power(W)50100
Power range(%)10-10010-100
Max peak power(KW)
Output central wavelength(nm)10641064
Max pulse energy(mJ)1.11.5
Pulse repetition rate(kHz)45-17020-200
Pulse width(ns)100±10@45kHz180±10@65kHz
Beam quality(M2)1.61.6
Fiber length(m)33
Min bending radius(mm)150150
System power supply requirement220220
Power Consumption(W)350550
Operating temperature(℃)10-4010-40
Storage temperature(℃)﹣10-60﹣10-60
Relative humidity(%)<80<80
System dimensions(L*W*H,mm)318*285*127359.5*380*152
Total weight(Kg)7.810.5
Laser head weight(Kg)<1.5<1.5
Laser head type2D scanning2D scanning
Laser head scanning range(mm*mm)100*100100*100
Laser head focus length(mm)160、254160、254
Laser head operating modeManual/AutoManual/Auto
Laser safety classificationClass 4Class 4


Laser head size

50W/100W Laser head size

50w mini Knapsack Laser Cleaning Machine size

50w mini Knapsack Laser Cleaning Machine size

100w mini Knapsack Laser Cleaning Machine size

100w mini Knapsack Laser Cleaning Machine size


mini laser cleaning machine projects


1. How can i install and operate fiber laser cleaning machine by myself?
When you get the 100W hand held portable mini fiber laser cleaning rust removal machine, just need to connect with power cord, then machine can start work. The complete English user manual and operation video will be sent to you.Our engineer will do training online. 98% customers can easily use the machine.

2. How to get technical support after purchasing the fiber laser cleaning machine?
You can contact me at any time. Our professional engineer will solve your problem perfectly. If you need any remote assistant support, we will support you with Teamviewer software.

3. Will the laser cleaning machine come with protective goggle?
Yes, we will provide it with the machine together free of charge.

4. Is there any consumables for the fiber laser cleaning machine?
There is no consumables, and maintenance-free. Laser source lifetime up to 100000+ hours.

1. International quality certificate, FDA, CE
2. 100,000 hours lifetime, free maintenance.
3. Warranty is 3 years for laser source, 2 years for extral parts of whole machine.
4. Engineers available to service machinery overseas.
5. Free training for machine installation and operation.
6. Free marking samples provided to customers.
7. 24 hours technician professional and timely after-sale service


Packaging & Shipping

1.Inner package: waterproof plastic transparent film.
2.Middle package: white foam, to protect the machine from shaking.
3.Outside package: wooded case free of fumigation.
4.As for the wholsalers/distributors, we could send the cargo by air, by sea or by railways.
5.The delivery lead time would be 5 days.