Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Linxuan desktop fiber laser marking machine cases are beautiful and practical; use a high-quality fiber laser source and high-speed digital Galvo Scanner, let our laser machine output high-quality laser beams and get better marking performance on the demand of high precision marking processing.

With high-quality power supply components, it allows our fiber laser marking system to work in the voltage of 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V, 50/60HZ. And the laser machines do not need consumable pails and are maintenance-free, be quiet with the mode of air cooling. Laser marking machine control software can be compatible with the software of CORELDRAW,  AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP……

Desktop fiber laser marking QR Code and Numbers on Metal Medical Box

Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Sale

Technical Parameters of Desktop Fiber Laser Engraver

BrandLinxuan Laser
Laser wavelength1064nm
Average output power20W/30W/50W
Laser SourceFiber laser
Max Speed7000mm/s
Applicable materialmetal and non-metal

Features of Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Desk Integrated Design

The desk-type fiber laser marking machine integrates the laser marking system into the desk to form an integrated structure. This design makes the equipment easy to install, saves space, and is convenient for students and teachers to use.

Stable Support Structure

Desktop fiber laser marking machines usually use a strong and stable support structure to ensure that the equipment does not shake or slide during use. This helps maintain mark accuracy and quality.

Operation Panel and Display

The table laser marking machine is equipped with an easy-to-operate control panel and display for setting parameters, adjusting marking parameters, and monitoring the marking process.

Safety Protection Measures

Desk-type fiber laser marking machines are usually equipped with safety protection measures. For example, equipment may have an enclosed marking area to prevent the escape of laser radiation and an emergency stop button to ensure safety in an emergency.


The desktop fiber laser marking machine has fast marking speed and high efficiency. It uses advanced fiber laser technology to complete a large number of marking tasks in a short time and improve production efficiency.

Applicable Industries of Desktop Fiber Laser Marker

It is mainly used in metal molds, hardware tools, bearings, nameplates, automobile parts, electronic products, jewelry, engineering plastic, etc. The laser machine marking performance for QR code, Bar code and bit map is particularly outstanding.

Samples of Desktop Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

desktop fiber laser marking samples

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