Laser Marking Solutions for Cell Phone

mobile-phone laser marking solution

In the era of mobile Internet, smart phones have become an indispensable convenience tool in our lives, and the requirements of the mobile phone manufacturing industry are getting higher and higher. At the same time, laser technology has incomparable advantages over traditional technology, adapting to the technological trend of cell phones, laser marking machine has rapidly gained popularity and integration in the mobile phone industry.

Laser marking is a clean, pollution-free and highly environmentally friendly processing technology. It has the effects of non-touch carving, no deformation of the workpiece, high carving precision, high definition, and permanence. There are very many laser processing steps in the manufacturing process of each cell phone, and fiber laser marking machine has very obvious advantages in many applications.

Laser marking provides a range of marking solutions for cell phone chips, parts and casings, cell phone accessories and trinkets.

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Laser marking solution for mobile phone chip

cell phone chips marking

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