Laser Marking Solutions for Food Industry

food industry laser marking solution

Food safety has always been a strong concern. In terms of food information display, dissemination, and traceability, laser marking machines provide efficient, simple and systematic solutions.

  • Laser marking machine has extremely high printing accuracy, permanent marking food information, and has obvious anti-counterfeiting effect. Laser coding technology makes quality monitoring and market circulation traceability more convenient and effective.
  • Increase the added value, can make the product looks higher grade, enhance the awareness of the product brand.
  • Laser marker does not produce any chemical substances harmful to the environment and human body, and is an environmentally friendly marking method, which is a good protection for both food and operators.
  • The laser has a long life, maintenance-free operation. No consumables are needed. Laser marking production cost is lower compared to ink production.

As a well-known manufacturer in the laser industry, Linxuan Laser strives to promote the applications of laser marking machines in the industry and provides a full range of industry-leading solutions.

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Laser marking solution for food packaging information

The marking information on food packaging is an important and intuitive basis for consumers to judge whether the food is safe. Such as food sources, food materials, food expiration dates, storage conditions and precautions, etc.

  • Laser marking machine can “engrave” these information on the package to make them permanently marked, effectively preventing the tampering of food packaging identification information, the circulation of counterfeit products, cross-regional sales and commodity circulation.
  • We can use laser marking codes, bar codes, destinations and other information to establish a linked database system to track and query new trends in products in time.
  • Laser marking system can greatly improve efficiency and can run continuously for a long time; and it can reduce production costs, consumables and ensure the environmental protection and safety of the whole process.

Industrial flying laser marker

food-package-marking solution
Laser Marking Machine for Ice Cream Stick

Laser marking for ice cream stick

From the taste of the ice cream, the wooden sticks to the outer packaging, the improvement of the quality of the details can be seen.

Laser marking machine for wood can quickly mark and engrave LOGO on wood products, with beautiful effect and rapid marking, which greatly meets the requirements of manufacturers for details. It can not only play the role of brand promotion, but also improve the added value of products. Compared with the traditional knife engraving technology, laser marking effect is more obvious, clearer, and has high efficiency and fast speed, with significant technological advantages.

CO2 laser marker

Laser marking for eggs

The coding information on eggs has become a passport for eggs to enter the sales market. Use the laser marking machine to give the eggs identity information to better complete the egg identification system and realize “one object, one code”. Let consumers clearly understand the brand, batch number and other information of eggs, and also create a window for manufacturers to show their advantages.

In the market application process of traditional ink jet coding, there are problems such as unclear marking, easy modification and environmental pollution. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free laser coding avoids this phenomenon.

Laser coding enables the information to be firmly “branded” on the eggs, achieving deeper identification and anti-counterfeiting functions, ensuring that every consumer can eat safe and secure eggs.

Laser Marking for Eggs

Laser marking for apple

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