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With the rapid development of the communications industry, wires and cables have evolved from the past simple telephone and telegraph cables to thousands of pairs of voice cables, coaxial cables, optical cables, data cables, and even combined communications cables. The structural dimensions of these products are usually small and uniform, thus the manufacturing precision is high. And different functions and lengths of wires need to be distinguished by marking to avoid confusion.

As an advanced marking equipment, Linxuan laser wire marking machine is replacing the traditional coding equipment due to its many advantages, becoming the latest choice of wire and cable manufacturers for marking solutions.

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Why Choose a Laser Marker Instead of an Inkjet Printer for Wire Marking?

In the past, the main marking method for wire and cable was ink jet coding, and the marks are easy to fall off and fade. However, the cable wiring layout, generally took a long time, which may be several years or more than ten years or even longer, and the cable environment is generally exposed in the air or buried in the ground, so the inkjet marking is often worn off, it is difficult to continue to function.

As the production costs of wire and cable manufacturers continue to increase, the inkjet printer consumables used to mark have become hidden costs that manufacturers can not compress.

At this point, manufacturers need a product that permanently marks the wire and cable so that it does not lose paint and does not fall off. The laser wire marking machine can just solve this problem.

1. Easy to operate

The laser printer is controlled by computer software(such as Ezcad) and can be operated after simple training. Without consumables, it can realize automatic feeding, automatic marking, and automatic storage, saving manpower.

2. Permanent Mark

The laser coding machine uses the principle of converting light energy into heat energy to ablate the surface of the workpiece to form a mark, so the mark is not easy to gradually fade away due to the influence of external factors. The permanent mark can resist some illegal business counterfeit, shoddy and string problems.

3. Exquisite processing

Laser processing has high precision, and the software can quickly draw and generate various text and graphics, which can realize the refined marking of products, effectively reduce the defect rate of wire and cable products, and play an important role in improving the quality of wires and cables.

4. Safety and environmental protection

Without any additives, only a small amount of soot is generated, which is sucked away by the soot purifier at the first time, which fully meets the national environmental protection requirements.

Laser Coding for Wire Industry

Wires and cables are widely used in construction engineering, equipment manufacturing, national defense construction, electric power and chemical industry, and other construction fields. Due to the variety of wires and cables, it is easy to be confused. In order to facilitate the distinction during production and installation, it is necessary to make corresponding signs on the surface of the wires and cables, such as origin, specifications, manufacturer, and product information.

The focused spot of the laser marker is extremely small, and the heat-affected zone of processing is minimal, so it can be used for ultra-fine marking and special materials marking. It is the first choice for customers with higher requirements for marking effect.

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