Laser Marking Solutions for Automotive Industry

laser marking solution in automotive

In the automotive industry, laser marking can be applied to various components such as steering wheels, bearings, steel sleeves, piston rings, engines, vehicle signs, tires, glass, electrical appliances, interior body parts and other small parts.

Laser marking machines can be used to mark various information including bar codes, digital 2D bar codes, serial numbers, production dates, shift codes, trademarks, etc..

The energy carrier of laser marking is a light beam with a highly uniform wavelength. When the light beam irradiates the surface of the processed object, it does not produce any mechanical stress, has no effect on the mechanical properties of the material itself, and is free from chemical pollution and noise pollution.

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Ultra-fine laser marking on automotive keys

Generally speaking, car keys are made of plastic or metal. Laser marking machines can easily handle a variety of mainstream key materials. The surface material of the car key is partially irradiated by a high-energy laser beam, which vaporizes or chemically changes the color of the surface material, leaving permanent marks. The laser marking machine has a good beam quality and an extremely small focused spot, enabling ultra-fine marking. With visible ingenious details and touchable quality icons, it is undoubtedly the best mark processing solution for the automotive industry that seeks efficiency and quality.

In addition, laser marking not only processes a wide range of materials, but also offers a great deal of freedom in the shape, size and processing environment of automotive keys. It can also be used for in-line marking on assembly lines, which meets the requirements of modern automotive industry moving towards automated production.

laser marking for automotive-nameplates

Permanent and clear automotive nameplates marking

The laser marking machine will mark automotive nameplates more clearly, with less error rate, better quality, and permanent marking.

The car metal nameplates record the production date, VIN code and other information of automobile engines, etc., just like the car’s ID card. The clearer the marking text of the laser marking machine, the more people can get the information they want through the nameplate, which is easy for future traceability.

Laser marking for automotive instrument panel

In automobiles, the instrument panel is a very unique combination of safety, functionality, comfort and decoration in one component.

The application of laser marking in the dashboard is mainly to laser mark the pattern that needs to be translucent, so that the shading ink on its surface is separated, and the marked characters can be clearly visible on the surface at any time through the light of the light-emitting diode, as long as the bottom light is on, and the permanent mark is not easy to wear.

laser marking for instrument panel

Laser Marking – A more efficient traceability solution for automotive parts

Laser marking machines are ideally suited for creating traceability and tamper-proof marking of entire vehicles. With hundreds of parts in each car and virtually all materials available for laser marking, there is usually a solution for every problem.

The traceability of automotive parts is achieved through a product marking database. Before the birth of the computer, the database used manual entry and retrieval, which required a lot of manpower. The increasingly large database also brought a huge test to the retrieval work.

The laser marking system makes the automatic generation and retrieval of the database a very easy task due to the computer control method.

Laser Marking – A more efficient traceability solution for automotive parts

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