Laser Marking Solutions for Materials

In industrial production, laser is one of the most popular marking technologies. Laser marking technology is widely used in areas such as part identification and product tracking. The materials that can be marked include metals, ceramics, plastics, organics, semiconductors, and so on. Laser marking is both fast and flexible. Printable marks include alphanumerics, graphics, icons, bar codes, and even bitmaps.

Laser marking machines can basically mark all metal and non-metal materials, but different types of laser markers have different ranges of materials. CO2 laser marking machines can mark wood, cloth, acrylic, paper, plastic, leather, PVC, and other non-metal materials. The UV laser marking machine has good beam coherence and is used in high-end industries. The materials that can be marked include plastics, polymer materials, glass, etc. The fiber laser marking machine can basically mark all metal materials and some plastics.

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laser marking for metal material


Fiber laser marking machine can mark various metals, such as: iron, copper, magnesium, aluminum and other common metals, gold, silver, titanium, platinum and other rare metals, a variety of metal oxides, a variety of high hard alloy, etc..

laser marking for plastic material


Laser marking machine can mark on a variety of plastics, such as ABS, PP, PVC, PC, PPS, PS, PP, PE, etc.. The processing effect of UV laser marking machine is more exquisite.

laser marking for paper material


Laser marking machine can mark various patterns and information on the carton packaging. They are not only clear and beautiful, but also have a strong information traceability function.

laser marking for wood material


Laser marking machine can be used for furniture wood products, office wood products, craft wood products, horticultural wood products, living wood products, and high-tech wood products.