Laser Marking Metal

metal laser marking solution

Many metal products and parts need to be marked. For laser marking metal, whether these marks are simple letters and numbers that indicate the date of manufacture, or more sophisticated bar codes or two-dimensional codes, our laser marking machine for sale can complete the marking work.

Whether these signs are single lines, outlines, or filled fonts – no matter what requirements, as long as the user can express these on the drawing, Linxuan laser marking machine for metal can copy them to metal materials. Some markings are very delicate, such as functional markings that are usually used as scales on various tools or instruments. In addition, our metal laser marking solutions can also achieve exquisite marking on some metal decorations.

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Which Metals Can Be Laser Marked and Engraved?

Laser marking metal process can change the color of the surface of the material during marking to create a permanent mark.

A list of metals that can be laser marked and laser engraved is long and includes the following types of metals:

Stainless steel, high-grade steel, steel, Carbon steel, Copper, Iron, ferrous metals, Magnesium, Aluminum, Brass, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Titanium, etc.

Metal Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Etc.

Laser Marking Stainless Steel

Laser marking stainless steel is one of the most popular processing modes in the stainless steel processing industry. Stainless steel is a common material used in industrial production, and laser marking stainless steel parts is an important part of the ISO quality standard requirements.

Laser Marking for Auto Parts Made of Steel

Laser marking machines can mark two-dimensional codes, barcodes, production dates, serial numbers, Logos, patterns, and certification marks on auto wheel arcs, exhaust pipes, engine blocks, pistons, crankshafts, nameplates, and other accessories.

Black Marking on Stainless Steel

Laser marking stainless steel materials can process the original color style logo, and after adjusting some parameters, black marking and white marking can also be completed.

Laser Marking Aluminum

Our aluminum engraving machine can create high-contrast permanent marks on aluminum surfaces in a very short period of time.

Deep Laser Engraving Brass

Due to its high reflectivity, copper absorbs very little laser light. The desired effect can be achieved using a laser with high peak pulse power and variable pulse width. We have the right solution for laser marking copper, whether for fine or deep engraving.

Color Laser Engraving on Metal

Compared with the traditional method of stainless steel marking and then coloring, a color laser marking machine for stainless steel has the advantages of easy control, fine coloring, low energy consumption, etc. Under the action of a laser, the surface of stainless steel produces a laser thermal effect, the laser energy is different, and the surface of stainless steel also presents different colors. The application of color laser engraving on metal is expanding, and it has also become a new process to enhance the added value of the product.

Laser Marking Metal Application

Laser marking of metal materials is widely used in many industries. Here are some of the major industries:

Manufacturing Industry

Laser marking machines are widely used in the manufacturing industry. They can be used to mark and identify products, parts and tools, including automotive parts, aerospace components, machinery and equipment, and more. Laser marking can also be used to engrave product information, serial numbers and anti-counterfeiting marks to ensure product authenticity and traceability.

Jewelry and Accessories Industry

Laser marking metal is widely used in the jewelry and accessories industry. They enable fine engraving, scoring and custom designs on metal surfaces, adding unique decorative effects to jewelry pieces.

Electronics Industry

Laser marking technology also has important applications in the electronics industry. They can be used to mark and engrave electronic components, circuit boards, chips, connectors, etc. This marking method is accurate, durable, and suitable for parts of small size and complex structure.

Medical Devices

Laser marking machines for metal play a key role in the field of medical devices. They are commonly used for marking on medical equipment and devices, such as surgical instruments, pharmaceutical packaging, etc. Laser marking can provide clear, durable marks, ensuring product quality and traceability.

Food and Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, laser marking metal technology can be used to mark packaging, bottle caps, wine labels, food containers, etc. This marking method does not contaminate food and enables high-quality identification, including trademarks, date codes and tracking information.

Metal Processing and Cutting

Laser marking machines can also be used in the field of metal processing and cutting. High-power laser marking machines can be used for cutting, engraving and drilling metal sheets. This application is widely used in metal manufacturing, scrap recycling and construction industries, among others.

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, laser marking metal materials can also find applications in aerospace, military, art, instrumentation, furniture and many other fields. The high accuracy, speed and reliability of laser marking metal technology make it ideal for labeling, decoration and traceability needs in many industries.

Laser Marking Metal FAQ

Are laser markings on metal durable?

Yes, laser markings on metal are usually very durable. The laser changes the properties of the metal surface through evaporation or chemical reaction, causing the mark to form tiny pits or oxidized areas. This marking will not easily wear, fade, or be affected by the environment.

What impact does laser marking have on metal materials?

Laser marking usually has little impact on metal materials. The heat they generate is usually localized so it does not cause significant deformation of the entire material. However, in some cases, especially when using high-power lasers, tiny melting and heat-affected zones can be induced.

What is the marking accuracy of laser marking metal?

Laser marking machines have very high marking accuracy. They can achieve very fine lines, text and patterns, often in the range of a few microns. This makes laser marking technology ideal for applications that require high-precision marking.

How fast is laser marking metal?

How quickly you can laser mark metal depends on several factors, including the desired mark depth, the type of material, and the power and related parameters of the laser. Generally speaking, laser marking metal is relatively fast and can complete a marking task in a matter of seconds to minutes.

Your Custom Laser Marking Metal Needs

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