Laser Marking Solutions for Metal

metal laser marking solution

Many metal products and parts need to be marked. Whether these marks are simple letters and numbers that indicate the date of manufacture, or more sophisticated bar codes or two-dimensional codes, fiber lasers can complete the marking work.

Whether these signs are single lines, outlines, or filled fonts – no matter what requirements, as long as the user can express these on the drawing, the fiber laser can copy them to metal materials. Some markings are very delicate, such as functional markings that are usually used as scales on various tools or instruments. In addition, fiber laser marking machines can also achieve exquisite marking on some metal decorations.

Metal Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Stainless Steel, Aluminium Alloy, Etc.

The fiber laser can change the color of the surface of the material without thermal effects during marking to create a permanent mark. Combined with an optical scanning galvanometer, the fiber laser maker can produce any pattern, making it a widely used marking tool.

A list of metals that can be laser marked and laser engraved is long and includes the following types of metals:

Stainless steel, high-grade steel, steel, Carbon steel, Copper, Iron, ferrous metals, Magnesium, Aluminum, Brass, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Paladium, Titanium, etc.

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