Laser Marking Plastic

laser marking plastic

A plastic laser engraving machine, or non-metal laser marker, uses laser beams to directly generate marks on the plastic surface, including text, codes, labels, characters, lines, numbers, and even colors, without other processing procedures.

The most suitable for marking plastics is the carbon dioxide laser marking machine. Of course, the fiber laser marking machine can also mark most plastic products. The material components, the scope of the marking, and the thickness of the marking material will all affect the final choice of laser markers. The UV laser marking machine can perform ultra-fine marking and special material marking because of its very small focus spot and small processing heat-affected zone. It is the first recommended product for customers with higher marking effects requirements.

If it is used for rapid marking on a factory assembly line, you can consider an online laser marking machine to be embedded in the assembly line system to realize automatic marking.

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Laser Engraving Plastic Advantages

High Efficiency

Compared with traditional marking methods, plastic laser marking machine has faster marking speed and higher efficiency.

It uses laser beams to mark directly on the surface of plastic materials without any physical contact, which greatly reduces marking time and cost and improves productivity.

High Precision

During the marking process, the laser beam can accurately control its position and shape, so as to achieve fine marking effect.

Whether it is text, patterns, or barcodes, they can all be presented clearly and finely on the plastic surface.

The advantages of this high-precision marking make it widely used in precision manufacturing fields such as electronic components and mechanical equipment.


During the marking process, the laser beam can remove the oxide layer on the surface of the plastic material, thus forming a clear and obvious mark.

This very high-definition marking effect is widely used in industries such as auto parts and plastic products.

For example, in the production process of auto parts, plastic laser marking machines can clearly mark the information and signs on the parts, which is convenient for production, sales, and after-sales service.


Plastic laser engraving machine is a very important laser equipment, with high efficiency, precision, and clarity, and is widely used in plastic products, electronic components, mechanical equipment, auto parts, and other industries.

Laser coding has become a common technology for product marking, and its application range is becoming wider and wider.

Laser Engraving Plastic Project Ideas

Plastic Animal Ear Tag Marking

Laser marking QR codes and digital information on animal ear tags will not cause wear to the products. The marks are clear and beautiful, permanent, and will not fade or peel off.

Lamp Holder

Equipped with a rotating lamp holder fixture, all angles of the curved surface can be marked with high precision and fast speed.

Packaging Bags

The plastic laser marking machine can print trademarks, production dates, batch numbers, barcodes, and other information on the packaging bags, so as to realize the identification and traceability of the bags.

PVC Pipe

The laser marking machine for plastic can also be used with production lines for the automatic marking of PVC pipes, saving a lot of labor and costs and improving efficiency.

Laser Engraving Machine for Plastic

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