Laser Engraving on Wood

wood laser marking solution

Laser marking machine irradiates the workpiece with a high-energy density laser to quickly vaporize the surface material, so as to achieve the effect of engraving and marking, which can avoid the problem of mechanical extrusion and deformation of some processed wood products.

In addition, the dedicated laser engraving machine for wood can engrave and mark various exquisite patterns, which is faster than traditional mechanical engraving, precise processing, and high efficiency.

The CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for most thin and light materials and easily damaged items, such as bamboo and wood products. It is an environmentally friendly machine and equipment that uses a laser beam to chemically react with the product to carve the desired pattern. It is a non-contact process and will not cause secondary pollution to the product.

wood laser engraving

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Custom Laser Engraving on Wood

Laser engraving machines are widely used in wood product processing, such as in wooden furniture, wooden crafts, and wooden packaging boxes.

The marking effect is clear and beautiful. Wood product manufacturers can easily complete trademark and serial number marking, so as to trace the source and quality of products, improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

Custom Laser Engraving Machine for Wood Marking on Chinese Chopsticks

EzCad marking software with automatic chopstick marking system for high volume continuous laser wood engraving.

Using the vision positioning system, rotation system, etc.

CO2 Laser Engraving on Wood for Logo

Desktop CO2 laser engraving machine for marking Chinese logo on the original color wood with smoke dust removal device.

Many wood manufacturers use laser marking technology to mark their brands and trademarks on wood products. Such a logo not only provides product identity authentication but also increases brand value and reputation, helping customers trace product origins and ensure quality.

Laser Deep Engraving Wood

Laser Deep Engraving Wood

Laser marking technology can achieve precise engraving of artistic patterns, text and decorative patterns.

This kind of high-precision and high-definition engraving can give unique beauty and personalization to wood products, and is widely used in furniture, doors, windows, stairs, and other fields.

Wood Laser Engraving Parameters

Original color wood

The original color wood marking needs to use a CO2 laser engraving machine, the parameter setting: Speed 1500, Power 500, Frequency 30.

Wood Laser Engraving Parameters

Wood with dark color

You can try to use a fiber laser marking machine, the parameter setting: Speed 1000, Power 80, Frequency 20.


Wood Selection

Choose a wood species suitable for laser marking, such as hardwood, softwood, or manufactured wood. Make sure the wood surface is smooth, and dry and does not contain excessive resin or other contaminants.

Laser Parameter setting

Adjust laser parameters, including power, speed, and frequency, according to the properties of the wood and the desired effect. The choice of these parameters is critical to achieving clear, long-lasting marking results.

Protective Measures

Safety measures should be taken when laser marking wood, such as wearing appropriate protective glasses and gloves. Ensure the operating environment is well-ventilated and avoid inhaling harmful gases and particles produced during laser processing.

Marking Design

Before laser marking wood, design the mark content and ensure good contact with the wood surface. Computer-aided design software can create the marking pattern and convert it into a format that the laser marking machine can recognize.

Practice and Testing

Before proceeding to mass production, conduct experiments and tests to determine the best laser marking parameters and effects. This can help avoid wasted material and time and ensure the quality of the final wood mark.


Scorching or Burning

When laser marking wood, excessive power or speed can cause the surface of the wood to scorch or burn. The solution is to adjust the laser power and speed to suit different types of wood and test to find the optimal parameters.

Unclear or Blurry

When the laser power is too low or the focus is inaccurate, the marking results may be blurry or unclear. Ensuring that the laser has sufficient power and is focused correctly can improve clarity.

Uneven Depth of Engraving

The uneven density of wood or an uneven surface can cause inconsistent marking depth. Proper adjustment of laser parameters and surface treatment can improve the uniformity of engraving depth.

Color Changes

The color on the wood may change after laser marking. This is caused by the impact of the laser energy on the wood surface. Various kinds of wood react differently to lasers, so testing is required to determine the appropriate marking parameters for a specific wood.

Fineness Limit

The fineness of laser marking is affected by the diameter of the laser beam and the texture of the wood. If the wood grain is rough or uneven, the marking result may have some blurry or incomplete parts.

Uneven Absorption of Laser Energy by Wood

Different types of wood absorb laser energy to varying degrees, which may result in uneven marking depth or color changes. Practical testing is recommended to find the best parameters for a specific wood.

Laser Marking Wood Species

Laser marking machines can be used on most types of wood, including softwood, hardwood, artificial boards, etc.

Different types of wood may behave differently by laser marking.

For example, because softwoods are relatively soft, the laser marking machine may need to adjust parameters to achieve the best marking results.

In short, in order to solve the common problems of laser marking wood, adjust the laser power, speed, focal length, and other parameters according to the specific situation, and conduct actual tests to obtain the best marking effect.

Laser Marking Machine for Wood

Mini Small Laser Engraver for Wood

Mini Small Wood Laser Marking Machine

Desktop Laser Engraver for Wood

Desktop Laser Marker for Wood

Custom Wood Laser Engraving Machine

Flying Laser Marking Machine for Wood

Here are some considerations when choosing a laser marking machine for wood marking:

Power and beam quality. Choosing a laser marking machine with high power output and good beam quality can achieve better results.

Marking speed and efficiency. Considering production needs, choose equipment with sufficiently high marking speed and efficiency to improve production efficiency.

Marking area size and workbench area.

If batch production or integration with other automation systems is required, choosing equipment with automation capabilities and easy integration will improve production efficiency and workflow.

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