What Are the Components of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

Now fiber laser marking machines are all modular. A machine is made up of several modules combined together. The most basic laser marking machine consists of: laser, fiber galvanometer, marking card, galvanometer, red light, beam expander, laser power supply, It is composed of several accessory modules such as marking card power supply and optical fiber marking… Continue reading What Are the Components of the Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

How to Select or Change the Driver of Laser Marking Card in MarkingMate?

Based on the different marking controller usage, user must select a correct driver. Users need to select the driver when installing MarkingMate. Besides, they can also change the driver by executing Driver Manager through the following path: Start – Programs – MarkingMate System – Utility – Drv Manager

If the software gets stuck during the marking process?

1. Check whether the computer system version is updated to the latest system. 2. Eliminate whether there is interference around. 3. Check whether the USB cable connection is norma. 4. Check whether the control card is damaged. 5. Check whether the computer operating environment is normal.